Shabby Chic Wedding Tents

Happy Saturday one and all!  Today I am going to be filling you screens with shabby chic wedding tents.  I was browsing through an old copy of a wedding magazine and came a cross a DIY wedding tent,  for the couple to have some R&R space during their day long outdoor wedding celebrations.

Now I am not talking a marquee or a required shelter from the weather, but rather a stylish flourish  that adds to the decor of the wedding day.

boho wedding tent

Ruffled Blog

wedding tents

Love and Lavender

shabby chic wedding tent

Boho Wedding Tent

pink wedding tent

Green Wedding Shoes

english fete wedding tent

English Fete themed wedding tent

dramatic wedding tent

Middle of the Map Weddings

If you are planning an outdoor wedding, tents can be a super cute idea for kids to play in.

kids wedding tent

Whimsical Raindrop Cottage

Tents can also make a feature in a wedding as a decorative alter.

wedding tent alter

The High Heeled Hostess

Well I hope that wasn’t to intent-se a post (he he sorry couldn’t resist)

Have a wonderful day

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