Pop of Pink Peony Wedding Inspiration

There are days when I love muted tones and soft pastel, and there are days when I need a burst of vibrancy into my day.  That is the inspiration behind today’s pop of Pink peony wedding inspiration and ideas.  Why peonies you might ask, they always seem such a friendly to me and I love the soft femininity of their plethora of different shaped petals.

There is also another reason as to why I love peonies, is that they are so accessible to everyone.  Now I love flowers, love having them in my office, love giving them and of course love receiving them.  However my love of flowers doesn’t translate into any green fingered prowess, however with peonies it is different – a flower that likes me that I don’t over tender!

Also I have don’t care if the peony is in favour of not, its texture and affordability will always render it one of my favourites.

Whilst peonies are available in many different colours, today I am focusing on the more vibrant pinks that can aid to lift your wedding style.

Pop of Pink Peony Wedding Ideas

Cake: Style Me Pretty | Teacups: via Pinterest |   Wedding Guest: StoreEnvy | Macarons: via Pinterest Peonies: via Polka Dot BridePeony decorations: Steve Koukoulas Photography  via Polka Dot Bride | Vase: Decorating Ideas | Bridal Bouquet: via Pinterest  |   Buttonhole: Loverly

The secret to this style for me is not having too much pink and using it as an accent colour. Teamed against a simple white wedding cake or pure white wedding dress, pink peonies and flowers add an interesting contrast into the day.

pink white wedding cakes

There are so many pretty ways of incorporating a pop of pink into your wedding day, whether through peonies or not, but if you follow what you love, you can’t go wrong. This wedding had the perfect pink and gold party plates and peony pink decor to go with their theme. It was truly beautiful!

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