Nature’s Bride Wedding Inspiration

petrichorI never knew it had a name, but petrichor or the smell of earth after rain, is one of my most favorite smells.  Going for walks amongst trees who’s branches hang that little lower with the weight of their new found refreshment, is just a joy.

This sowed the seed for today’s nature’s Bride wedding inspiration board, that is the first in a new series, encapsulating more of my creative whims and styling ideas.

Nature’s bride is the merging of nature into your wedding style, creating a simple and naturally elegant wedding theme.

The colour palette mixes the faint whispers of blue, dusky pink and sage against soft creams. Texture plays an important role in this style, utilising long grasses, foliage and hand blown glass.

Guests would be treated to locally sourced produce on hand made plates, that could double as the wedding favour.  The wedding fare would be served family style on large nature inspired services, such as driftwood and upcycled slabs of oak.

natures bride wedding inspiration

Pavlova: Sarie |  Plates: MakiéBride: Image by Jen Huang |  Placecards: The lane  |Shoes: Jimmy Choo, image by Jen Wojcik Photography via Magnolia RougeTent: Tumblr | Grasses: via Pinterest |

And incorporating a tulle skirt with Jimmy Choos into a bridal outfit, is the style dreams are made of!

natural brideI hope you enjoy!

monique trulove --wedding blogger