Rustic Simplicity Wedding Style

You get engaged and your mind starts whirling with all of the design ideas and styles that are available for your wedding day.  Your head is filled with a myriad of colours, decorations and wedding dresses and your mind is trying to decide on one style.

I love Pinterest when it comes to researching and gaining inspiration, for finding ideas and wedding styles that you hadn’t thought of before. But as difficult as it might be, today I am going to suggest a stripped back wedding idea, one that has pretty details but embraces restraint in its styling – welcome to Rustic Simplicity Wedding Style.

This style has an organic core to the concept, which is based largely for the reception around rustic vintage wooden tables.  You know the type that I mean, ones with blemishes, patina and plenty of knicks – eluding to the plethora of celebrations and meals that they have bared witness to.

Using this as a basis for the style the colour palette features natural tones of cream, whites and stone to add depth.  The place settings could include personalised stoneware crockery and vintage cutlery all set with linen napkins and a small foliage arrangement.

If you can embrace the restraint for this style, it is perfect for the DIY bride, why not create your own simply charming named favour bags?  Do you have a family member who is fabulous at baking and want to be involved, then why not ask them to create a classic sponge decorated with fruit.

rustic simplicity wedding style

Cake: via Pinterest |  Table: Sunday Suppers |  Table from above: Sunday Suppers | Rustic Table: Brad + Jen of Q Avenue Photo, via the Pretty Blog | Bag Favours: Deas og Mia |  Boxed favours: Analogue Life | Copper Pipe Decorations: via Pinterest | Bride: Lela Rose on Harpers Bazaar |  Indoor plant: Cereal Magazine |

simple fine art wedding style

When it comes to a bridal ensemble to match this simple wedding style, I love the Lela Rose dress feature, no fuss just like the style but oozing femininity and grace.

Come back next week for more styling ideas.

monique trulove --wedding blogger