Powder Blue Wedding Ideas

Inspiration on a train – powder blue wedding ideas.  I do say that inspiration can come from anywhere and for me often does when I am least looking for it, which is why today’s wedding inspiration board is from a chance meeting on a train.  On a recent 3 hour train trip I found my reserved seat and look a seat next to the window, plugged in my laptop and delved into emails and social media.

In my usual scheduled day, this was my alloted time for correspondence – not creative dreaming, but after 30 mins I looked up to a sea of swatches. Whilst I had been hurriedly typing away, a female passenger had taken the seat across the table from me and laid out around her was a vast array of different fabric swatches and magazines.

The lovely lady must have seen my face light up at all the colourful prettiness before me and offered up that she was working on a mood book to redecorate her holiday home in Genoa in Italy.  If my interest was peeked before, now it was off the charts and for the next 1.5 we proceeded to talk about colours, fabrics and she showed me through her mood board book for the entire house.

The shame was that I was engrossed in the conversation that I forgot to ask her name, but if you are the lovely lady with the Genoa house and the fabulous mood book that I talked to on 1st March, lovely to meet and you hello!

One of the rooms in the Genoa house was combination of creams and ivories with just a hint of powder blue, that inspired me to create today’s pastel blue wedding ideas.

powder blue wedding ideas

Outdoor reception: Caroline Tran via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Cake: Let Them Eat Cake via Elizabeth Anne Designs, Flower arragement: PinterestWedding Car: Studio Q&A via French Wedding Style, Groom: Erich McVey via OnceWed,   Table setting: One to Wed, Macarons: PinterestFlowers:Diana McGregor Photography via Magnolia Rouge, Stationery: Alea Lovely Fine Art Photography via Burnetts Boards,

What is the strangest or most unlikely place that you’ve found inspiration or ideas for your wedding?

With last week’s cobalt blue inspiration board, let’s call this my “blue period”!

monique trulove --wedding blogger