Top 5 spring wedding trends

1-Peony & Ranunculus

Images: Spring bridal bouquet, Pastel Ranunculus

It’s the weekend!  I don’t like to tease, but I am going to be completely unplugged today as I am working on a side creative project.  It is wonderful to continue to develop creatively and network with like minded souls, so whilst I am in my creative haven, I have left the blog is the trusted hands of Fabienne Slater of Elian Concept Weddings and Events who is sharing with us her Top 5 Spring wedding trends.

Fabienne has been a long time supporter of FWS Blog and as well as today’s post, I am delighted to say that Fabienne will be joining me on a regular basis to share with us her wedding planning expertise and trends from the field.

Have a wonderful start to the weekend and I will be back and plugged in tomorrow!

Fabeinne: ” As we are sat indoors watching the never ending rain outside, we are dreaming of hot, dry summer days, although before they arrive, there is spring. I love spring, it’s a season of renewal, hope and a wonderful time for a wedding. The weather can still be unpredictable but days are lengthening, the sun is getting brighter yet still soft, and some of the most exquisite flowers are in season.

Of course the ever fashionable peonies, and also the pretty ranunculus, which come in a myriad of colours from soft, pastel tones to bright pinks and oranges, the delicate and fragrant lily of the valley, and colour trendy scented lilacs and lavenders.

2-ranunculus & lily of the valleyImages: Colourful spring bridal bouquet, Delicate spring bridal bouquet

3-lilac & lavenderImages: Lilac Flowers, Lavender Bouquet

Lets look at the best trends, spring 2014 has to offer for a wedding in France:

1. Wedding dresses: Short or Coloured!

Be unique, fun, forget the traditional bridal look. Tea length (or shorter) dresses are very chic and sexy, and allow you to show off the gorgeous shoes you are dreaming of, and coloured dresses definitively make a statement. Which type will you go for?

4-short wedding dressesImages: Monique Lhuillier short wedding dress, Delphine Manivet short wedding dress,

5-Wedding dress coloursImages: Blue and red wedding dress

2. Colour trends

Be ready to impress with stunning Dazzling blue (bleu royal) touches.

6-Dazzling blue weddingImages: Dazzling blue lace dress, Manolo Blanick blue shoes, Blue tablecloths,

For a softer style, go for Violet Tulip, a romantic lavender tone. Easy for a French style wedding!

 7-Violet Tulip wedding

Images: Lavender tables cape, Anges de Sucre lavender macarons, Lollipops,

3. Street food

This spring, forget the traditional canapes at your cocktail reception or the boring evening buffet and enjoy a ‘food stand’ – so called ‘Ateliers’ or ‘Animations”  in French. They are very popular at French weddings and most caterers propose them as an option.

It’s a great opportunity to add a local touch with food relating to the region of your wedding, crepes, oysters, foie gras, cheeses, ham etc. The chef prepares or slices the food in front of the guests which are served on demand. A more interactive way of feeding them! A variant of this, is the food truck or bike.

8-Ateliers & Food streetImages: Chef, Catering, Vintage Bike, Retro van,

4. Banquet table

Long tables are more friendly than round tables and particularly suitable for outdoor dinner, they convey a very festive feeling and are even more practical for smaller rooms when dining in doors.

10-Banquet tableImage: Outdoor banquet table

5. Wedding week-end

One of the most frequent comments I have from brides or grooms after the day, is “I wish it does not end”.  They want to prolong these moments of joy and happiness with their friends and family as much as possible. So as a great way to perpetuate the fun, it is becoming more and more common to host a brunch, a barbecue or a pinic the next day.

9-next day brunch-picnicImages: Picnic table, Hamper, Picnic blankets, Rustic catering,

A good reason to make the most of the flowers and decorations rearranged in a more relax setting!”

Enjoy your Saturday

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