Castle Key Event Design Workshop
Castle Key Event Design Workshops
DATE(S): Tuesday 2nd of July 2019 – From 14:00 to 17:00
COST: 150€
LOCATION: Chateau du Rivau - Le Coudray - 37120 Lémeré

During the workshop, the focus is on how to optimize vendors’ resources and ROI (can be in the form of positive reviews, time, money, reduce waste, collective use of resources and manpower, etc) under the client budget frame work, all the while delivering much more than expected to our clientele. Our common goals is that all parties notice that everyone follows the common goals that is to exceed venues, vendors and client’s expectations, as individual and also as a group. Attitude is also a ground value that we drill during our workshop, the French touch can be improved when it comes to local interaction and here too we can exceed expectations and even surprise our interlocutors.
Vendors and venues alike are involved into our workshop so that the synergy and the accountability is reciprocal between all parties to each event.
Café gourmand included