Scrumptious Butterscotch Wedding Ideas

Inspiration really does appear around every corner, or in the case of today’s scrumptious butterscotch wedding ideas board, it comes from my local homemade icecream parlour!

Whilst delving into my 3 scoop (butterscotch, raspberry and vanilla incase you were interested) tub of real homemade icecream, I did pause to start mulling over the colour that is butterscotch.

It is not one of the colours at the top of most guides to picking your wedding colour, but that can be down to the delectable colour that doesn’t want to be pigeonedholed.  It is not yellow, nor brown, nor orange, but more a combination of all that works heavenly with gold accents, classic ivory and deep brown for a autumnal colour palette.

 butterscotch wedding ideas

Selection of Small Cakes: 2+Hue Designs on Wedding Wire, Shoes: Louboutin, Butterscotch Wedding Sash: ViogeminiFavours: The Caramel Jar, Bow Tie: Butterscotch Swirl from Mrs BowTie, Flowers: Haute Floral via Wedding WireDessert: Vintage Trinkets,  Bridesmaid Dress: Dessy Group,

If you are looking for butterscotch bridesmaid dresses, be sure to visit Dessy, who have an impressive range in the colour for all body shapes.

As it is a food based inspiration, it would seem rude not to include some other butterscotch catering ideas:

butterscotch recipes

Pie: Yummly, Butterscotch tarte: Look I Made That,
Bar: Huffington Post, Single tier cake: via PinterestCookies: Buttered Blasphamy,

I would love to be eating a Butterscotch treat alongside a cup of coffee reading this post!

monique trulove --wedding blogger