20 Best French Chateaux Wedding Venues [Updated 2024]

Getting married in a French Castle, yes it’s possible!

It’s no surprise that many romantic souls turn to France when it comes to hosting their special day. After all, the country is abundant with mesmerizing settings offering the finest pleasures, and it even houses the most romantic city in the world. Naturally, soon-to-be-weds are always on the lookout for the most ethereal spot for their celebration, and the reason why many of them consider this magnificent country is due to the many unique French chateaux wedding venues boasting immaculate vibes, ideal for hosting celebrations of this magnitude.

Architectural Marvels

These architectural marvels symbolize France’s history and culture, some dating back to the 11th century. Because of their significance, they have been preserved and restored to perfection so couples such as yourself can celebrate love beyond your wildest expectations. The Loire Valley, Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Provence, amongst others, have been noted to house some of the most iconic French castle wedding venues with various styles and sizes, catering to all wedding needs. 

In this Article

Because of their diversity, picking the right spot for your chateau wedding in France may be tougher than initially thought. For that reason, we selected some of the finest luxurious French wedding venues, enriched with settings that will contribute to an unforgettable event. 

Explore 20 of the Best Wedding Chateaux in France

1. Chateau Les Carrasses

1-hour drive to Montpellier Airport

Chateau Les Carrasses - Best French Castle Wedding France - affordable wedding venues in france castle mariage

Adorned in true French old-time glamor, the 19th-century Chateau Les Carrasses is the ideal South of France wedding venue, comfortably accommodating up to 100 guests. This beautiful estate is recognized for its luxurious amenities, as well as its vast selection of local wines and delightful dishes. Finally, the incredibly detailed team of professionals will ensure your chateau marriage goes off without a hitch!

  • Capacity: 100 guests (seated) or 200 guests (standing)
  • Accommodation: 120 guests
  • Chateau Page: Chateau Les Carrasses

2. Chateau du Grand Lucé

25-min drive to Le Mans airport

Chateau du grand luce best wedding venue in france

This French chateau wedding venue is in the heart of Loire Valley’s countryside, enriched with spectacular greenery and precisely-styled traditional French gardens. Because the estate was made explicitly for a nobleman, the Chateau du Grand Luce features an elegant ballroom with 12-foot tall windows and crystal chandeliers, resulting in unimaginable grandeur.

  • Capacity: 120 guests
  • Accommodation: 44 guests (19 bedrooms)

3. Chateau Gassies

20-minute drive to Bordeaux Airport

Chateau Gassies best wedding venue in france

With two ceremony spaces and a glamorous stone-walled ballroom, the luxury Chateau Gassies is one of the best South of France wedding venues located in Bordeaux. Moreover, the terrace of the chateau is ideal for cocktail hours, overlooking the lush surroundings. Chateau Gassies also has ultra-comfortable accommodations, so we recommend spending the night and indulging in brunch once all the festivities are over.

  • Capacity: 160 guests (seated) or 160 guests (standing)
  • Accommodation: 43 guests
  • Chateau Page: Chateau Gassies

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4. Chateau Saint Georges

30-minute drive to Nimes Airport

 chateau saint georges - Best French Chateu South of France chateau mariage

Chateau Saint Georges has a spectacular location in the smallest Bordeaux settlement, with amazing views of the glimmering sea. This 15th-century French chateau wedding venue is known for its vineyards. Namely, its wines were first mentioned by the Latin poet Ausone, who owned the estate, and their flavor has been remarkable ever since.

  • Capacity: 120
  • Accommodation: 40 guests (20 bedrooms)
  • Chateau Page: Chateau Saint Georges

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5. Chateau la Tour Vaucros

20-minute drive to Nimes AirportChateau la tour vaucros - Best French Chateu South of France chateau mariage

Having a French wedding in a venue with unparalleled historical allure is a dream of many romantic souls. Allow Chateau a Tour Vaucros to make it come alive. Nestled in Provence, this luxurious chateau features a variety of event spaces, from intimate gardens to chandelier-adorned grand ballrooms. That said, the chateau can accommodate up to 120 seated guests and 200 for cocktails, making it perfect for lavish affairs.

  • Capacity: 120 guests (seated) or 200 guests (standing)
  • Accommodation: 49 guests (4 houses)
  • Chateau Page: Chateau La Tour Vaucros

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6. Chateau le Mas de Montet

1.5-hour drive to Bordeaux Airport

Chateau le mas de Montet - Best French Chateau Wedding France - chateau mariage

As soon as you step inside the majestic castle le Mas de Montet, you’ll be entranced by the fresh aroma of the sycamores, creating an atmosphere where serenity and tranquility take first place. Nestled in Perigord, this French estate can be exclusively yours, and its team of experts will fully personalize your chateau marriage in the way you see fit.

  • Capacity: 180 guests
  • Accommodation: 28 guests

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7. Chateau de Courtomer

2.5-hour drive to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

Chateau de courtomer - wedding venues in paris france - chateau mariage

With four reception and ceremony spaces that can be fully personalized, it’s no wonder why Chateau de Courtomer has been named one of the best French wedding venues! The masterminds behind the wedding planning understand that no two celebrations are the same, meaning they pride themselves on being extremely detail-oriented, bringing your event as unique as your love story.

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8. Chateau de Tourreau

30-minute drive to Avignon Airport

chateau de Tourreau - Best French Chateau Wedding France - French Wedding Castle chateau mariage

Boasting a capacity of 150 guests, this French chateau wedding venue quickly became one of the most sought-after destinations for romantic souls worldwide. The castle’s courtyard is designed for grandiose outdoor celebrations, while the 17th-century chapel is perfect for those seeking a traditional setting for saying promises of eternal love.

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9. Chateau de la Gaude

25-minute drive to Marseille Airport

Chateau de la Gaude - Best French Wedding Chateaux France chateau mariage

If you think that the manicured gardens of Chateau de la Gaude are enough to put you in awe, wait until you see its authentic interiors! Blending the past and present together, the historic grounds are greatly complemented by the modern amenities provided. And if that’s not enough, the chateau also has a one-starred Michelin restaurant – what more could you possibly want?

  • Capacity: 150 guests

Accommodation: 34 guests (17 rooms and suites)

10. Chateau de Robernier

1-hour drive to Marseille Airport

chateau robernier where to get married in france

Following the off-beath paths of Provence, you’ll eventually end up in Chateau de Robernier, believed to be the region’s best-kept secret. For those seeking a fairytale castle wedding, this luxurious castle is the place to be, but it’s highly exclusive. In other words, if you set your eyes on it, be quick with your bookings!

  • Capacity: Unlimited
  • Accommodation: 24 guests (12 rooms)
  • Chateau Page: Chateau de Robernier

11. Chateau de Sannes

50-minute drive to Marseille Airport

Chateau de Sannes - wedding venues in the south of france - French Wedding Castle chateau mariage

Originally established in the early 17th century, Chateau de Sannes is a gorgeous wedding venue in Luberon. Apart from its dazzling exteriors, lavender fields, and verdant courtyard, this French castle can also provide a fragrant keepsake to remember your special day. In other words, don’t miss out on their exquisite perfume Songe de Sannes.

  • Capacity: 250 guests
  • Accommodation: 30 guests (15 bedrooms)
  • Chateau Page: Chateau de Sannes

12. Chateau Challain

1-hour drive to Nantes Airport

chateau Challain - Best French Castle Wedding France - chateau mariage

Chateau Challain is the ultimate spot for a fairytale castle wedding. Considered an architectural masterpiece, this estate has witnessed the crownings of many love stories, resulting in spectacular endings typically accompanied by fireworks. Although the capacity is limited to 250, the Chateau Challain is ideal for elopements as well, so you can curate your celebration however you like!

  • Capacity: 120 guests (seated) or 250 guests (standing)
  • Accommodation: 50 guests (20 luxury suites/ 10 contemporary suites)
  • Chateau Page: Chateau Challain

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13. Chateau de Puissentut

50-minute drive to Toulouse Airport

Chateau de Puissentut - Best French Wedding Chateaux France chateau mariage

We all know that planning a French castle wedding is already challenging enough, so why not hand it over to the professionals? Chateau de Puissentut, located in the Gascon hillsides of Southwestern France, can curate the celebration of your dreams, especially if you’re aiming for one adorned in rustic glamor.

  • Capacity: 120 guests
  • Accommodation: 27 guests (medieval castle and adjacent cottage)
  • Chateau Page: Chateau de Puissentut

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14. Chateau de Varennes

50-minute drive to Dijon Airport

Chateau de Varennes - Best French Chateau Wedding France - chateau mariage

CNN has named Chateau de Varennes one of the top 10 wedding venues in the world, and the reasons for it are more than evident! For one, you have a variety of reception spaces, like the orangery for outdoor celebrations and the ornate chapel for a more traditional one. On the other hand, you’ll have a concierge service catering to your every need, and the list goes on and on!

  • Capacity: 180 guests (seated) or unlimited guests (standing)
  • Accommodation: 38 guests
  • Chateau Page: Chateau de Varennes

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15. Chateau Saint Martory

45-minute drive to Toulouse Airport

Chateau de saint Martory - how much is a wedding at a French Castle

Just 45 minutes from Toulouse stands the beautiful Chateau Saint Matroy, hidden in never-ending woodlands, with the sight of the Pyrenees on one side and Garonne on the other. This wedding venue is ideal for couples looking for touches of nature infused with contemporary settings, thus contributing to an unforgettable event.

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16. Chateau La Durantie

2.5-hour drive to Bordeaux Airport

Chateau la durantie - Best French Wedding Chateaux France chateau mariage

With soft-toned furniture and detailed architecture, Chateau la Durantie is the definition of elegance, achieving the status of one of the most desired Dordogne wedding venues. Not only can the French chateau seat up to 150 guests, but it also provides luxurious accommodations for 43 people. If your celebration is a bit bigger than that, the cottage can also be transformed into a living space.

  • Capacity: 150 guests
  • Accommodation: 43 guests (2 elegant Suites and 19 bedrooms)
  • Chateau Page: Chateau La Durantie

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17. Chateau de Vallery

1.5-hour drive to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris
chateau de vallery - Best French Wedding Chateaux France chateau mariage

Photo credit: Sylvain Bouzat

This gorgeous wedding castle in France is between Paris and Burgundy and is perfect for couples who desire to explore France’s uniqueness. Additionally, the best part of Chateau de Vallery, aside from its settings and services, is that you’ll have no curfew. In other words, your most special day can go on for as much as you like!

  • Capacity: 500 guests
  • Accommodation: 56 guests (28 rooms)
  • Chateau Page: Chateau de Vallery

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18. Chateau Lacanaud

1.5-hour drive to Bordeaux Airport

Chateau Lacanaud - Best French chateaus France chateau mariage

If you dream of having a French chateau wedding intertwined with romance and luxury, look no further than the Chateau Lacanaud. Its interiors feature typical French-style furnishings, while the nearby lake provides the utmost serenity. To ease the wedding jitters, dip in the heated sparkling pool – relaxation is imminent.

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19. Chateau de Villette

40-minute drive to Charles de Gaulle Airport, Paris

chateau de villette - Best French chateaus France - french chateau mariage

Chateau de Villette is undoubtedly one of the most popular French wedding venues. This French Castle is an ode to art itself, as many renowned names have contributed to its style for it to become an instant classic. Its gardens will surely amaze you as the ones inspire them in Versailles – just imagine how grand hosting a wedding is here!

  • Capacity: 1000 guests
  • Accommodation: 27 guests
  • Chateau Page: Chateau de Villette

20. Domaine des Halles

1-hour drive to Lyon Airport
Chateau des Halles - Best French castles in France - french wedding

Domaine des Halles

Finally, Domaine des Halles almost seems surreal – this architectural marvel seems like it jumped out directly from a fairytale! With a capacity of over 500 guests, this is the perfect spot for hosting big celebrations with all of your closest ones. And because it has been recently restored, expect to have it all for your French Castle wedding!

  • Capacity: 549 guests
  • Accommodation: 64 guests

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What is a Chateau?

Now that we mentioned the finest chateaux for your destination wedding in France, let’s clear the air on what a chateau actually is!

Namely, these typical French estates resemble grandiose manors and castles located in the countryside, renowned for their historical allure and significance. Because of their importance, the French have taken extra measures to ‘revive’ them, so most of them have undergone major renovations to preserve them for the future. 

A ‘chateau’ can be any manor styled as a medieval fortress or castle, so they typically feature watchtowers, soaring walls, and defensive structures. In terms of aesthetics, French chateaux boast amazing courtyards and gardens, some of which can be home to your exclusive celebration.

The Appeal of French Castles for Weddings

So, what makes a French chateau wedding so appealing to countless romantic souls?

For once, consider chateaux as ‘dream’ destinations for such celebrations. They boast an impeccable romantic allure, which is rarely found in contrast to other ‘standard’ venues. And because such celebrations are constantly hosted in such an estate, the allure mentioned above never fades away. Instead, it just builds up so your wedding can be as unique as possible.

Additionally, French castles feature multiple ceremony and reception spaces, as you’ve seen above. You can either host your wedding in verdant courtyards and majestic gardens, or you can cozy up indoors and adorn your celebration with unimaginable luxuries.

Featuring vineyards and top-rated restaurants

To make the experience even more spectacular and unforgettable, most French Castles also feature vineyards and top-rated restaurants, offering the finest culinary treasures of the country. Furthermore, these wedding venues are typically accompanied by expert teams who have organized countless events, so rest assured that your celebration will be personalized down to the tiniest detail.

Finally, once the festivities are over, you can easily accommodate your guests in the chateaux themselves, thus reducing the need for travel arrangements. Simply put, you and your closest ones can expect nothing less than a sublime service for your French chateau wedding.

What are the characteristics of a French chateau?

By our recommendation, you can already see that not all French chateaux are the same! While some have served as defense towers in history, others are designed simply for pleasure. Let’s take an in-depth look into this:

Chateaux-forts, also known as fortified castles, have been established long ago in history for defensive purposes. This is the reason why most of them are built atop water structures, so they are harder to reach. Of course, because of their restorations, this type of French Castle is easily accessible, while most of the original architecture remains intact.

In contrast, chateaux de plaisance, or pleasure chateaux, are built solely for… you guessed it – pleasure! These were historically built by nobelmen to serve as retreats, rather than being used as defense structures. Normally, these chateaux are more luxurious and ornate and are known for having incredible collections of art, as well as majestic gardens which now serve as spots for your big day.

Where are French Castles located?

While the entirety of France features scattered French chateau wedding venues, the finest are confined to three distinct locations.

The Loire Valley, also known as the Gardens of France, boasts an abundance of fairytale castles, as in Provence, only there, the estates are usually enriched with fragrant lavender fields. 

Additionally, Bordeaux, a region best known for its wines and verdant vineyards, has excellent chateaux offering a vast selection of wines, ideal for couples who put an accent on the dining experience for their French castle wedding. Lastly, Ile-de-France, which is closest to Paris also features many luxurious chateaux, accompanied by state-of-the-art amenities and contemporary settings.


In the embrace of France’s timeless landscapes, the promise of a wedding at one of its storied chateaux is the epitome of romance. With history whispering through their hallowed halls, these majestic venues are more than just structures; they are the heartbeats of French heritage, offering a canvas for couples to paint their moments of union with strokes of elegance and grandeur. From the verdant vineyards of Bordeaux to the historic grandeur of the Loire Valley, each chateau beckons with a unique story, ready to be interwoven with your own.

The quest for the quintessential French castle wedding ends here, amid the splendor and the meticulous care of these historic jewels, where every “I do” is echoed by the walls that have stood the test of time.

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