Chateau La Tour Vaucros

Situated in the heart of Provence midst the Côtes du Rhône vineyards near Châteauneuf du Pape, a few minutes from Avignon, the Château benefits from all the charm of the Vaucluse region, home to some of Provence’s best-loved attractions.

The property and grounds may be rented in their entirety, offering you the wonderful opportunity to share in the magic of the moment with your family and friends, during your stay here in the comfort of your guesthouse.

We provide exclusive rental of the estate for wedding ceremony, cocktails, dinner and brunch up to 200 guests and accommodation is available in 4 houses for 52 guests.

We provide 2 beautiful reception halls, grounds of 2 hectares, terraces, a heated swimming pool and a tennis court.

You could choose different places of the Château to as the location of different aspects of your event, inside or outside in the grounds, in the main alley, on terraces, in reception halls.. as you you see fit.

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