Inside a Fairytale Wedding at Chateau de Villette

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Love Blooms at Chateau de Villette: A Pink-Hued Wedding Wonderland

Location: Condécourt, Ile-de-France

The Grandeur of the Venue

Miya and Louie’s wedding at Chateau de Villette, a beautiful and historic place near Paris, was like a fairy tale come to life. Surrounded by wide, green fields, the elegant venue was breathtaking. The chateau, with its rich history and classic French style, was the perfect backdrop for their special day, filling the air with romance. As guests arrived, they were greeted by the impressive sight of the chateau, its stone walls beautifully displaying the splendor of French architecture.

An Indoor Intimate and Cosy Wedding at Chateau de Villette

The wedding inside the chateau radiated a warm and intimate feel. In the ceremony room, blue walls, high ceilings, and large windows made it feel spacious yet cozy. The decor, with bright pink as the main color, was chosen with care. Pink flowers in shades from soft pastels to deep fuchsia filled each corner, adding elegance and charm to the lovely interior. Skillfully arranged on the floors, these flowers created a magical indoor garden, turning the space into a stunning floral haven.

Candlelight Dinner Highlight

The candlelight dinner stood out as a memorable part of the evening. A long table was arranged in a gorgeous limestone room surrounded by numerous candles that gave off a soft, shimmering light. This candlelight bounced off the shiny silverware and crystal glasses, making the room feel magical and full of romance.

The Everlasting Memory of a Chateau Wedding

Miya and Louie’s wedding at Chateau de Villette was a beautiful chapter in their love story. Amidst the beauty and charm of the chateau, every moment shone with love and joy. As the stars appeared, their journey as husband and wife began, promising a future as bright as their unforgettable day in France. This wasn’t just a wedding; it was a dream come true, a memory to cherish forever.

Vendors List

Lead Photographer: Alexandr Purcel | Ceremony Venue: Chateau de Villette | Brides Dress: Kim Kassas Couture | Florist: Le Fleuriste

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