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Terms and Conditions for French Wedding Style (FWS).


When visiting FWS on any device, a number of cookies will be installed which are designed to enhance your experience when visiting the blog.

The types of cookies that are employed vary from WordPress Plugin cookies (for example, Jetpack, that logs the number of visitors we have on any given day) to more specific cookies that store your interaction on our site (for example, once you have seen the Newsletter sign up form, you won’t see it again).

Please note that cookies are device dependent, so if you sign up for the Newsletter on one device, the form will still appear on your first visit to the site on a different device.

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Affiliate Advertising

Some posts on FWS contains affiliate links for companies like Etsy, which means FWS receives a small commission if you decide to buy a product using the link in the post.

That said, FWS only recommends products and services that we believe will be of use to you, the bride.