Gloria and Elias’s Dream Wedding at Chateau de Challain

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Once Upon a Time in France: The Story of Gloria and Elias’s Chateau Wedding

Location: Challain-la-Potherie, Loire Valley, West of France

The Dream of a Chateau Wedding

Regarding dream weddings, a chateau setting stands unparalleled in its charm and beauty. Gloria and Elias knew this well when they envisioned their wedding day. Their hearts set on Chateau de Challain when they embarked on their magical wedding journey.

The decision to choose a castle as their wedding venue was a natural choice. They aspired for a luxurious, fairytale-like experience not just for themselves, but also for their guests. Their search led them to the heart of France, a land dotted with stunning castles that whisper tales of history and romance.

Vendor Feature: In Love Photography

Vendor Feature:  Chateau Challain

Loire Valley Chateau Challain: A Majestic Setting

Their perfect venue? The Loire valley Chateau de Challain. This elaborate and majestic castle, nestled in the serene countryside near Paris, offered everything they dreamed of. The Chateau stood as a top location, providing a fabulous backdrop for their wedding, blending elegance with the enchantment of a bygone era.

Celebration in the Castle Gardens

Post-ceremony, the celebrations unfolded in the castle’s lush gardens. The couple had ensured that every detail, from the Michelin-Star gourmet cuisine to the entertainment by New York’s top DJ Durell, was meticulously planned. Cynthia, the chateau wedding planner and known as a dream maker, played a pivotal role in orchestrating this unforgettable celebration.

The Essence of a wedding at Chateau Challain

A wedding at Chateau Challain in the Loire Valley is an experience beyond the ordinary. It’s a dive into a world of luxury, where every detail contributes to creating an atmosphere that’s nothing short of a fairytale. The opulence, the romantic settings, and the elaborate receptions all come together to define the essence of a dream  wedding in France.

Vendors List:

Venue: Chateau Challain | Photographer: In Love Photography | Planner: Cici Events |Wedding Dress: Andrew Kwon |Catering: Les Saveurs Dupré|Florist: Mister Brett | Videographer: Alex znahar films | Other: Tiffany & Co| Cakes: Dea Delicious Gateaux | Fireworks: Dragon Rouge Artifice | Entertainment: Durell | Makeup: Delina Medhin | Hair: Nicole Pembrook

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