The Perfect Elopement at Chateau de Varennes

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A Perfectly Planned Elopement

Hello lovelies, today we are taking you to sunny South Eastern part of France for an elopement in a beautiful French castle.

This elopement was not initially planned but quickly proved to be an obvious choice for our young couple. Anna & Amit did a big wedding in the US during Covid. With all their friends and family but unfortunately not everything went as planned so they decided to elope in France.

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The Couple wanted a real elopement and not just a photoshoot to relive every moment that makes a wedding day so special.

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To make dreams come true and of course to keep as many memories as possible

Anna & Amit are true memory collectors and it is with this in mind that they came up with this wonderful idea. To continue the overall experience of their wedding, to make it even more complete and unforgettable, to make dreams come true and of course to keep as many memories as possible.

A destination elopement in Southern France

This initially unplanned elopement ticked all the boxes: renewing their vows to each other, wearing a new wedding dress, taking the photos that couldn’t be taken at the wedding, going on a trip and experiencing a destination elopement in a French Chateau, giving each other an unforgettable interlude, with of course as many memories and photos as possible.

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This idea can seduce many couples who, like them, have had to face disappointments related to the course of the day, the weather, or any other unexpected event. The message seems to me full of optimism and I hope it will resonate in the hearts of your readers.

From the bride

We had a beautiful Hindu-American wedding at home in Washington D.C. in October 2021.It was an incredible celebration with our family and friends that we are extremely grateful for and will treasure always.But, by the time we got to change from our Hindu outfits into our suit and white dress, it was dark outside and pouring rain!Not wanting to give up on the wedding portraits we had hoped for, we got creative. We decided to plan another intimate, destination celebration for just the two of us–and to make Anna’s dream trip to France in the process, too!Aurelie Bochereau of Peony Moments orchestrated a beautiful day for us to celebrate wit the wedding portrait session of our dreams at Chateau de Varennes.Beautiful surroundings, spring weather in Burgundy, and the talents of the amazing Valery Villard and Jino Agnelli made for a very special set of images–which for us completed the fairytale to commemorate our happily ever after.


Venue: Chateau de Varennes| Planner: Peony Moments | Photographer: Valery Villard | Videographer: Jino AgnelliFlorist: Lilas Wood| Make-up: Karine Brossard | Catering: Chief Winterford | Wedding Dress 1: Maggie Sottero  | Wedding Dress 2: Zoya’s AtelierWedding Cake: Made in Cake

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