The 5 Best French Riviera Wedding Venues [Updated 2023]

Romance on the Côte d’Azur: The 5 Most Coveted French Riviera Wedding Venues

There aren’t many locations that exude luxury quite like the French Riviera. Given its romantic atmosphere, it makes sense that many couples choose this much-loved part of France as the site for their wedding. There are several French Riviera wedding venues that make the most of the area’s stunning coastline and historic association with royalty.

Lovely chateaus and extravagant hotels dot the French Riviera. Fortunately for engaged couples, many of these elegant sites double as French Riviera wedding venues! This famous area offers countless possibilities. Below, Kerry Bracken from Lavender and Rose Weddings in Cannes lists her top five wedding venues on the French Riviera. Keep reading to learn more about these exquisite settings.

1. Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

20-minute drive to Nice Airport

Musical fountains, luscious green gardens and stunning grandiose architecture. Located on the exclusive Saint Jean Cap Ferrat peninsula between Nice and Monaco. The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild is one of the most sought-after and prestigious French Riviera wedding venues.

Villa ephrussi de rotschild wedding venue France French Riviera

french wedding venue french riviera best luxury villa

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2. Hotel du Cap Eden Roc

30-minute drive to Nice Airport

It doesn’t really get any better than the Grand Hotel du Cap Eden Roc. With its stunning cream facade, majestic 50-metre alleyway (often used as an aisle for weddings), and fabulous pavilion which melts into the shore. Not forgetting the impeccable service and Michelin-star cuisine, this 5-star luxury hotel wedding venyue only accepts a small handful of weddings a year to maintain its reputation as an exclusive getaway. This hotel is one of celebrities’ favourite hangouts during the Cannes Film Festival. 

hotel du cap eden roc the best wedding venues france


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3. Chateau de la Napoule

30-minute drive to Nice Airport

The Chateau de la Napoule is one of the very rare coastal chateau on the French Riviera. Located in a small coastal village at 20 minutes from Cannes with hotels, restaurants and beaches all within walking distance from the chateau.  This French Riviera wedding venue is extremely popular with an Anglo-Saxon clientele looking for the prestige and authenticity of a French chateau in a coastal, super convenient location. The lovely gardens overlooking the coast are perfect for ceremonies. Dinners happening in the courtyard in front of the chateau and dancing takes place inside a high-ceilinged gothic dining room. 

chateau de la napoule south of france wedding venue - french riviera

4. Chateau de la Chevre d’Or

30-minute drive to Nice Airport

Perfect for high-end intimate weddings for up to 50 people, the Chateau de la Chevre d’Or is located in Eze, one of the most romantic villages on the French Riviera. Eze is situated high up on a cliff top just west of Monaco. This French Riviera wedding venue offers a panoramic sea view garden for ceremonies. A lovely terrace for pre-dinner drinks and either a fancy gastronomic restaurant or an informal outdoor restaurant for dinner.

Chateau de la Chèvre d'or French wedding venue How much does it cost to get married at the French Riviera in a?

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5. Domaine du Mont Leuze

20-minute drive to Nice Airport

The Domaine du Mont Leuze has some of the most spectacular views of the French Riviera. The ceremony, pre-dinner drinks and dinner spaces are all outside on different terraces in front of the main building. This authentic-looking vine-covered villa with blue-green shutters stands as a testament to the South of France architecture. The Mont Leuze wedding venue offers one of the most amazing backdrops for outdoor ceremonies on the French Riviera.

domaine du mont leuze best french wedding venue french riviera luxury wedding venue

domaine du mont leuze wedding venue in south of france best luxury villa to get married in france

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In Conclusion

The allure of the French Riviera is undeniable, making it a top choice for couples seeking unparalleled elegance on their wedding day. Each venue, from lavish chateaux to iconic hotels, captures the essence of the Côte d’Azur’s romantic ambience. Every location offers unique charm from the history-infused corridors of Villa Ephrussi to the panoramic views of Domaine du Mont Leuze. These top five venues ensure a wedding experience steeped in luxury, history, and the captivating beauty of the French Riviera, crafting memories that will be cherished for a lifetime.

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