Top 9 Normandy Wedding Chateaux [Updated 2024]

Chateaux in Normandy: Where Fairytales Come True

Noted as an area of biggest historical significance, Normandy, the northwesternmost region of France, is a gorgeous example of the country’s quintessential architecture, dazzling coastlines, and noteworthy art. The region’s beauty never faded away despite its dark-painted history. In fact, because of it, many artists were inspired to create works of art capturing Normandy’s unique allure. It is believed that the iconic “La Vie en Rose” by Edit Piaf took inspiration from those who suffered and transformed it into a celebration of love. That said, let Normandy’s appeal entice you, paving the way for your ethereal Normandy chateau wedding.

Normandy wedding venues

Mont Saint Michel

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Normandy has an excellent location, close to Paris, and its five counties feature different settings, from stretching coastlines and rolling hills to metropolitan cities. While nature plays a major role in its splendor, architecture is also a major contributor. Normandy chateaux are recognized for their impressive interiors and luxury, making them the ideal locations for a beautiful celebration of love. All of them are easily accessible, even those nestled in the heart of the mountains, overlooking nothing but lush nature. Once your Normandy chateau wedding is over, you and your loved ones can explore the medieval centers of the region, hike scenic cliffs such as Etretat, or taste one-of-a-kind oysters in Quiberville. Simply put – you’ll be spoiled with choice!

So, allow us to show you the best Normandy chateaux for weddings, promising an experience like no other.

Explore the Grand Chateaux of Normandy

Chateau de Courtomer

2.5 hour drive from Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

chateau de courtomer normandy wedding venue

This 18th-century chateau located a convenient drive from Paris, stands as an idyllic venue that specializes in intimate weddings. It welcomes a maximum of 60 guests and can accommodate 24 guests for a three-night stay. This chateau wedding venue boasts a 350-acre estate that skillfully blends the tranquillity of its natural setting, all updated with modern amenities.

Chateau de Vauchelles

1.5-hour drive to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

Chateau de Vauchelles normandy wedding venue

Nestled in the heart of Northern France, Château de Vauchelles emerges as a picture-perfect venue for romance, combining easy accessibility from the UK and proximity to Paris, just a 90-minute journey away. This enchanting estate offers an idyllic setting for weddings in its Orangery, which faces a meticulously kept English garden.

Manoir de Chivré

40-min drive to Caen

normandie manoir de chivre normandy wedding venue

Surrounded by lush greenery and rolling hills, Manoir de Chivre offers a serene escape, making it an ideal venue for weddings, special events, or simply a peaceful retreat. The meticulously preserved architecture and tastefully decorated interiors transport guests to a bygone era while ensuring modern comfort and luxury.

Manoir de Vacheresses

1.5-hour drive to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

manoir de vacheresses normandy wedding venue

Manoir de Vacheresses is a charming, old-style French house set in the peaceful Normandy countryside. It’s wrapped in lovely gardens and offers beautiful views all around. Inside, the house feels marries perfectly elegance with modern comfort. It’s perfect for small celebrations, weddings, or a quiet getaway.

Château du Blanc Buisson

2-hour drive to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

where to get married in normandy chateau de blanc buisson

This Normandy chateau was established in 700 years ago, and stands as a medieval gem amid a century old park . Its interiors are decorated with antique furniture pieces, outstanding artwork, and eye-capturing flooring. With that in mind, after hosting a beautiful outdoor ceremony, head inside for the best backdrop for your wedding photos.

Château d’Aveny

1-hour drive to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

wedding venue in normandy chateau d'aveny

The ever-romantic Château d’Aveny boasts impressive interiors with , with their spaciousness being accented by the opulent chandeliers, making up an ultra-glamorous atmosphere. The terraced gardens also add to the magnificence of this wedding venue in Normandy, France, offering fragrances bound to entice you.

Château de Dangu

1-hour drive from Paris

chanteau de dangu normandy wedding venue

The Château de Dangu, nestled in the heart of Normandy, France, is not only a breathtaking private estate dating back to the 17th century but also a piece of modern music history. Known for its architectural beauty and expansive, meticulously landscaped gardens, it offers an idyllic setting for events. In the 1990s, it gained additional fame when the legendary rock band The Rolling Stones chose this location to prepare for their tour.

Château de Carsix

2 hours drive from Paris

chanteau de carsix normandy wedding venue

Hosting a wedding at the Château de Carsix is to step into a storybook setting in the Normandy countryside of France. This beautiful 18th-century château, with its classic French architecture, offers a romantic backdrop for the most beautiful day of your life. This chateau wedding venue specializes in creating unforgettable wedding experiences.

Château de Tilly

2-hour drive to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport

chateau de Tilly getting married in normandy

Our final pick of the best Normandy chateaux is de Tilly, thanks to its opulent decor and sophisticated settings. The grounds space comfortably welcomes 300 guests and the chateau can sleep up to 62 people. Speaking of celebrating, Château de Tilly doesn’t have a curfew, so the festivities can go on all night long!

What is the best time of year to go to Normandy?

Because of its northern location, Normandy has a lot of cloudy days and can sometimes get rather wet. However, that’s no cause for concern! The moodiness of the weather brings a touch of drama to the surroundings, making your special day fairytale-like. Still, the temperature in Normandy, France, is higher in the summer, with plenty of sunny days.

The best time to visit Normandy, France, is spring or summer, though you can expect more crowds during the latter period.

normandy wedding venues

Etretat cliffs

Authentic Normandy Flavors: France’s Regional Treats

Normandy is most recognized for its variety of cheeses, such as Camembert, providing a hearty feel to your dishes, adding an irresistible kick of flavour. Its seafood specialties are also worth mentioning, especially the oysters. Additionally, don’t be too surprised if you see a bucket of mussels on restaurant menus – it’s actually a local tradition! Finally, for the perfect sweet treat, look for desserts made with locally grown apples. Trust us – you’re in for a surprise.

Final Impressions: Normandy Chateau’s Unrivaled Charm

In conclusion, Normandy’s chateaux offer an unparalleled mix of historical grandeur, romantic settings, and natural beauty, making them the ideal venues for a destination wedding. Each chateau presents its unique charm, from grandiose interiors to picturesque gardens and modern art exhibits, catering to every couple’s dream. The region’s rich culture extends to its delightful culinary offerings, with its famous cheeses and seafood adding a local taste to wedding festivities. Despite its variable weather, Normandy promises a dramatic backdrop that can turn any wedding into a fairytale. For an everlasting experience, these top 10 Normandy chateaux stand out as the perfect choice to say ‘I do.’

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