Top 10 Burgundy wedding venues [Updated 2023]

Top 10 Chateaux in Burgundy for a Romantic Wedding

Known as the “Land of Fine Art and Living”, the Burgundy region is one of the most magnificent parts of France, enriched with diverse landscapes, limestone slopes, and prestigious wineries. Speaking of wineries, Burgundy wine is almost instantly recognizable, made of flavorful grapes and aromas, providing a taste so rich that you’ll always come back wanting some more. However, that’s not the only thing the historic Eastern French region is renowned for. Namely, it houses some of the best wedding venues in Burgundy, France, some of which you’ll discover very shortly.

luxury chateau hotels burgundy - chateau de couches

Chateau de Couches

One of the most magnificent parts of France

Because of its abundant vineyards, the Burgundy region of France, specifically its wedding venues, offers the most exclusive wines, served with the utmost precision for the ultimate pleasure. Apart from that, they also feature magnificent settings that can be further personalized so you can have the Burgundy chateau wedding you’ve dreamed about. While the lush countryside will make it hard to leave, consider going out and exploring the surrounding villages and quaint towns, where you’ll learn the region’s unique historic appeal. We suggest visiting Dijon, the birthplace of the mustard under the same name – remember to pick up a jar of the condiment on your way home! Finally, Burgundy is seamless to navigate due to its vastness, so consider getting a car to explore the surroundings easily. One thing’s for sure – dazzling scenery will follow you everywhere you go.

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With that, we’d like to showcase our selection of the finest Burgundy wedding venues boasting exceptional settings, impeccable hospitality, and, of course, the best wine known to man.

Unveiling the Best Chateaux in Burgundy for Your Dream Destination Wedding

1. Chateau de Vallery

1.5-hour drive to Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport

Chateau de Vallery Weddin

The Chateau de Vallery is recognized as one of the best wedding venues in Burgundy, France, boasting grandeur and quintessential glamour that even the most stone-hearted can’t help swooning over for. The chateau is a testament to the Renaissance period, as the architects who built the Louvre in the past also took care of its construction. Best of all – the proximity to Paris will easily let you explore the City of Love!

2. Chateau de Planchevieille

40-minute drive to Dijon Airport

burgundy wedding venue chateau planchevieille

Stretching over 11 hectares of land, the Chateau de Planchevieille features eight restored rooms, promising a world of comfort. As far as weddings go, this castle has been specially designed for ethereal celebrations of love, preserved to retain its one-of-a-kind charm. Because of the interconnected rooms and eye-catching entrance, you can begin your Burgundy chateau wedding in style!

3. Château de Sully Burgundy

1-hour drive to Dijon Airport

chateau sully wedding venue burgundy

With towering structures, Renaissance-inspired interiors, and a remarkable garden, Chateau de Sully in Burgundy is the spot-to-be for a fairytale wedding. Due to the abundance of diverse settings, you can easily find a space that fits your preferences. For instance, the Barns of the Burgundy wedding venue are well-suited for lavish celebrations with many guests, while the Orangery is suitable for intimate affairs.

4. Chateau de Varennes Burgundy

45-minute drive to Dijon Airport

Chateau de Varennes french wedding venue

Named one of the best wedding venues in the world by CNN, the Chateau de Varennes in Burgundy offers nothing but luxury and sophistication. Its convenient location on the southern edges of the region provides plenty of sunshine, resulting in an illuminating estate where romance reigns supreme.

5. Chateau du Reveillon

2.5-hour drive to Dijon Airport

chateau du reveillon burgundy wedding venue

If you’re planning a Chateau Burgundy, France wedding with a lengthy guest list, consider Chateau du Reveillon to be your sanctuary. Enriched with a lush park space and rustically charming interiors, the team behind this chateau is determined to make your dream destination wedding in France come to life.

6. Chateau du Fey

2-hour drive to Paris Charles de Gaulle airport 

luxury wedding venue chateau du fey burgundy

Nestled in Bourgogne, France, just outside Paris, Château du Feÿ is a breathtaking 17th-century estate, protected as a historical gem. Ideal for unforgettable weddings, it features multiple spaces like The Farmhouse and The Gîte, a heated pool, a camping field, an organic vegetable garden, 3 courtyards and historic outbuildings. Set against its private forest, the 400-year-old château boasts stunning views of the Yonne Valley, with the Yonne river and charming villages completing the picturesque scene. The French castle is perfect for hosting cocktail evenings, dinners under the stars, or a ceremony to cherish.

7. Chateau de Pierreclos

2-hour drive to Geneva Airport

chateau de pierreclos burgundy wedding venue

Located in the southern part of the region, this Burgundy wedding venue has witnessed crownings of love for over 30 years now. That said, its experienced team of professionals will ensure that every single one of your desires will be catered to. The reception spaces of the Chateau de Pierreclos are beautifully lit thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, so expect your wedding photography to be sublime.

8. Chateau Sainte Sabine

45-minute drive to Dijon 

chateau sainte sabine burgundy wedding venue

Nestled in the heart of Burgundy, Château Sainte Sabine offers an enchanting setting for your dream French wedding. This historic castle, surrounded by lush vineyards and picturesque gardens, provides a romantic backdrop for your special day. The castle features elegant reception halls, charming courtyard, stunning views and creates a magical atmosphere for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. Accommodating all your needs, Château Sainte Sabine ensures a seamless destination wedding experience, combining timeless elegance with the beauty of the Burgundian countryside.

9. Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizieres

40-minute drive to Dijon 

Abbaye de Maiziere burgundy wedding venue

Although restored to perfection, this Burgundy wedding venue still carries its authentic appeal, one that has existed ever since the 12th century. Brilliantly combining elegance with inimitable originality, the Domaine de l’Abbaye de Maizieres has a capacity of over 250 people, ideal for romantic souls looking to host a grand celebration of love.

10. Chateau de Bournel

1.5-hour drive to Basel Airport

Chateau de Bournel

With over 7 hectares of untouched nature, the Chateau de Bournel, our final recommendation for fabulous Burgundy wedding venues, is classified as a historic monument where one can experience true sophistication. Just one look at its Neo-Gothic style will transport you back in time, as this magnificent estate resembles castles we’ve all seen in storybooks.

When is the best time to have a Wedding in Burgundy

Burgundy, with its temperate climate, offers a picturesque backdrop for a destination wedding in France, particularly with its lush vineyards that benefit from the mild weather. The best time for a wedding in this popular region would be late spring through early fall, when the weather is warm. September, in particular, could be ideal – the vineyards are full-bodied with grapes ready for harvest, and the temperatures are usually comfortable, with fewer tourists around.

vineyards, Burgundy, France

Burgundy, France

Late spring offers blossoms and greenery, creating a fresh and vibrant setting, while early fall provides a rich tapestry of colors and cooler. The natural beauty of the vineyards, coupled with the moderate climate, provides a serene environment that’s perfect for such a special occasion.

Culinary Marvels of Burgundy

Although mostly popular for its wines, Burgundy also has an impressive dining scene. As previously mentioned, Dijon mustard originated here and is an ideal accompaniment to a variety of Burgundian specialties.

he main courses steal the show with classics such as Beef Bourguignon, a sumptuous stew that marries the robust flavors of local wines with tender beef, simmered to perfection with aromatic herbs. Coq au Vin, another regional treasure, features chicken braised with wine, mushrooms, and sometimes garlic, reflecting the rustic yet refined essence of Burgundian cuisine.

Let’s not forget the chesses

One cannot forget the cheeses, like the pungent Époisses, pairing exquisitely with the region’s Pinot Noir. For a sweet finish, the delicate, anise-flavored Nonnettes de Dijon offer a taste of Burgundy’s monastic baking traditions. A wedding feast in Burgundy promises a celebration of love that is as memorable for the palate as it is for the heart.


To wrap up, the top wedding chateaux in Burgundy are not just venues, they are destinations in their own right. They offer a blend of historical elegance and contemporary luxury that is hard to find elsewhere. Each of these chateaux presents a distinct character promising to make your wedding day nothing short of spectacular. The fusion of the region’s famous wines, the mild climate, and the world-class cuisine adds an extra layer of allure to any celebration.

With venues ranging from the architecturally stunning Chateau de Vallery to the picturesque Chateau de Bournel, a wedding in Burgundy is an experience that combines the best of French sophistication with the warmth of provincial charm. Here, where the vineyards stretch as far as the eye can see, the region is as rich as its history, your wedding will not just be a day to remember. It will be a part of Burgundy’s living tapestry of culture and joie de vivre.

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