Wedding Locations in Paris

Wedding Locations in Paris

Paris is such a wonderful location for a wedding, with so many locations for your wedding day.  So whether you want to get married in a glamorous hotel or in romantic gardens, we have asked some of the best wedding industry experts in Paris, where are their favourite wedding ceremony locations….


Musee Rodin

Musee RodinImage by Musee Rodin

Jean Charles Vaneck,
Wedding Planner at Sumptuous Events

Opened in 1919, The Musée Rodin is definitely one of my favorite location in Paris. It features all the perfect elements needed for setting up a sumptuous destination wedding. Although the location is very central and one of the most accessible museums in Paris, and receives 700,000 visitors annually, when entering this venue, it feels we are far away from the bustling city, and immerse in a world of romance and French elegance.   The main building is named Hotel Biron, and features more than 7000 sculptures and drawings. For those looking for a unique luxury experience, the direction recently permitted to privatise the lobby of the hotel particulier to set up dinner right under the divine stairs.

The rose gardens around the museum building is absolutely stunning, and can be used for a divine outdoor ceremony. It contains many of the famous Rodin’s sculptures in natural settings. Where else can you get reunited the Dome of the Invalides, the tip of the eiffel tower and the thinker as a picture backdrop. Behind the museum building is a small lake where big production often set big tents for fashion show, or big production wedding.   The Musée contains most of Rodin’s significant creations, including The Kiss and The Gates of Hell, displayed all over the fabulous garden.


Hotel Particulier Apicius

Hotel APICIUSImage by Hotel Particulier

Wedding Planners, Les Têtes Chercheuses

“More than a restaurant, the Maison Apicius is your friend’s house.”

Located in the heart of Paris in the most uber district – aka the 8th, this stunning Parisian Hotel Particulier from the 19th century thrills by it’s unique decor where noble materials and collectors’ items meet to create a cosy atmosphere.

With its park sized garden in the center of Paris’ luxurious golden triangle and it’s enchanting outdoors scenery, Apicius is not a typical venue !

With a Gastronomic restaurant signed by 2 star chef Jean Pierre Vigato, they attach great importance to their reputation as an exclusive hotel: only a few rare events have the right to take place inside of these gates each year.


Hotel des Arts et Métiers

Hotel des Arts et MétiersImage by Arts & Metiers

Florent Vin
Wedding Photographer, Arantza

This is a very unusual place for your wedding in Paris … Both amazing by the timeless charm and the quality of its services to organize an event. It is perfectly located in Paris. This is a private mansion. Located in the heart of the 16th arrondissement, the Hotel des Arts et Métiers has the charm of the mansions of the late nineteenth century. Now open to the public, it retains the spirit of friendliness “Gadzarts” and the memory of prominent inventors. How not to be charmed by its 8 lounges exceptional and peaceful garden? Welcome up to 300 guests in this unique setting and be seduced by the elegance of the place, the creative cuisine of the chef and the breathtaking view. Eiffel Tower side or the garden, you decide!


Le Pharamond

Pharamond Wide Shot Paris weddingImage by  Lifestories Wedding / Yann Audic

Dee Gaubert,
Wedding Planner, No Worries Events

Le Pharamond is a restaurant with outstanding food, and is ideal for elopements and small weddings. It has a collection of gorgeous, cozy salons, and a middle level that can be completely privatized and fits a party of about 30 guests or so. Absolutely perfect for a romantic and intimate wedding celebration.  The service is exquisite and the décor is pure Parisian.

The Shangri La Hotel

Shangri La Wedding Venue ParisImage by French Grey Photography

Kasia & Brian Wright
French Grey Events & French Grey Photography

The most flattering and visually appealing venue in terms of investment for your Parisian wedding is hand down The Shangri La Hotel.

The stunning private terraces with amazing views of the Eiffel tower, the carefully restored palace ballrooms and entrance areas and salons, makes it a photographers dream to work a wedding in this venue. Pricey but well worth it! Luxurious environment which offers top notch customer services. Cannot recommend this hotel to my clients more.


The Rodin Garden

Rodin GardenImage by Catherine O’Hara

Catherine O’Hara
Wedding Photographer, Catherine O’Hara Photography

The Rodin Garden location which in the evening is relatively quiet and intimate and can be booked for private events. I love it for its quietness, subtle Parisien view and spaciousness with the dome of Invalides close by adding a beautiful touch. The museum building itself adds a lovely backdrop and the grounds have lots of areas suitable for photos including the many sculptures by Rodin with The Thinker being the focus of the musuem. The entrance area of the museum is adorned by many beautiful flower beds over flowing with roses.


Eiffel Tower

Eiffel Tower wedding

Image by Kiss Me in Paris

Cengiz and Fran
Wedding Photographers, Kiss Me in Paris

My favorite spot is the Eiffel Tower from the Trocadero perspective. Yes, the Eiffel Tower :-). I know it sounds totally cliche, but it is the truth. It lends itself to pretty much to any couple’s shoot, including engagement, proposal, anniversary, and elopement. We have done it all there … many times.

The Trocadero perspective, despite of its ongoing 4-year construction which is only in its first year, offers the most famous and familiar view. It is also the most elevated vantage point to document the tower as a gorgeous backdrop to any couple deeply in love.

It looks amazing at day and night, but we love it most around sunrise, when there are fewer people, the light is brilliantly flattering (the so-called Golden Hour), and you can connect with your loved one in relative privacy (with the exceptional distraction of a few curious pigeons).


Jardin du Luxembourg

luxembourg gardensImage  by JM Studios

Jennifer Mayo
Wedding Photographer, JM Studios

Situated in the 6th arrondissement, Le Jardin du Luxembourg is an immaculately manicured Parisien garden featuring beautiful greenscapes, fountains, ornamental gates, statues, tree-lined promenades, and the Luxembourg Palace.  Perfect for elopements, the formal French garden envelops its visitors in the charm and romance for which Paris is known.  While the palace and central basin provide for a grand photographic backdrop, the garden offers a multitude of intimate areas to enjoy private moments, as well.


Rose Garden at Rodin Museum

Vue générale de l'hôtel Biron et du jardinImage by Paris Insider

Victoria Farr
International Make up and Hair Artist, Victoria Farr

A beautiful venue with classic French architecture, home to ‘Le Penseur’ (‘The Thinker’), beautiful grand staircases in L’hotel Biron and I love that it is grand but so elegant at the same time. The gardens are magnificent with the perfect location for an outdoor ceremony or cocktails on the lawn with the Eiffel Tower in the back ground. The intimate areas of the gardens, perfect for a romantic stroll or somewhere to take a secret moment together after the ceremony.


Gardens of Notre Dame

Paris Engagement ShootImage by Fiona Kelly

Fiona Kelly
Wedding Photographer, Fiona Kelly Photography

Paris is a stunning city with amazing spots around every corner. The one that stood out for me during this engagement shoot was the gardens next to Notre Dam. In April, when we went, the blossom trees were in full bloom, which made the gardens so stunning and perfect for elegant and romantic photos. You do have to contend with lots of people, but if you time it right its a wonderful area to capture photos.


Yachts de Paris

Yachts de ParisImage by Yachts de Paris

Fabienne Slater
Wedding Planner, Elian Concept Weddings and Events

My favourite venue of all times for weddings or other special occasions (engagement, proposal, anniversary) in Paris is a yacht. The cruising on the River Seine is an unforgettable experience and so romantic.

Whilst some boats can accommodate up to 400 seated guests, I personally found it more suited to smaller parties. The small luxury boats are exquisitely decorated and create the ultimate intimate ambiance for a wedding reception.

There is something delightfully magical in exchanging your vows (or popping the question) under the sky, with the most beautiful views of the ‘City of Lights’ in the background.  If you are looking for elegance and exclusiveness, this is for you and you will love it as much as I do.


No matter what you are looking for, Paris really does offer a plethora of options for weddings in the capital of romance.

Wedding Locations in Paris

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