Houston to Paris City of Love Elopement

Romantic Paris elopement

We hope you are having a glorious week so far lovelies, we have a little something to brighten up your day… From Houston to Paris an utterly romantic City of Love Elopement!

Today’s wedding which features a stunning Basix Black Label gown complete with Badgley Mischka heels is full of wonderfully talented French Wedding Style vendors! Jaime and Steven entrusted the lovely Claire Morris Photography to capture their love and Claire certainly delivered some stunning timeless images which were complimented beautifully by multi award winning videographer Chris Nemes of Zen Film Works.

Our gorgeous bride and groom traveled all the way from Houston to elope in the uber romantic capital city of France. Today they share their perfect love story with us…
Hotel West-End WeddingThis is how Jaime and Steven’s romantic love story began…

“We knew each other growing up in the same small town. We first met when I was 7 and Jaime was 5. We went to the same elementary, middle, high school, and college, but never spoke to each other until Jaime’s freshman year of college. We exchanged phone numbers at a New Year’s party, and ran into each other several times over the next three years.”
Onorina Jomir Wedding Make-Up

Wedding vow books

Badgley Mischka Wedding Shoes“In January 2011, our last semester of college, I texted Jaime and asked her to come to a party at my place on a Friday night. She didn’t respond until the next morning, and said she was sorry that she didn’t get my message in time but that she would be available that night, on Saturday. Throughout pretty much all of college I had a crush on Jaime, so I told her that I was having another party on Saturday. There was not a party planned for Saturday, but when Jaime said she would come, I made one happen.”Basix Black Label Wedding Dress

Grooms details and vow book

Hotel West End Wedding VenueJoseph A Bank Wedding SuitJoseph A Bank Wedding Outfit

“After the party, we ended up talking to each other until the sun came up on Sunday morning. We made plans to meet up again the next week, but I got a really bad case of the flu, so we had to delay the date. The date was delayed 2-3 more times for reasons outside of our control, and finally landed on a Tuesday night. That Tuesday, a huge ice storm hit our college town. Basically everything shut down, and driving on the roads was not recommended. I did not want the date to get pushed back yet again, so I drove across the ice to Jaime’s place. We had plans to get dinner, but the only restaurant open was a carryout pizza place. So, we got the pizza, watched a couple movies, and finally had our date.”Stunning Wedding Rings FranceBaby blue wedding dress

“We officially became boyfriend and girlfriend on March 14, 2011. Since then, we’ve completed graduate school, moved across the country, started new careers, and adopted a second dog.”Aude Abadie Celebrant France

Cute wedding vow ideas

The romance doesn’t stop there folks, listen to Jaime and Steven’s romantic proposal story…

I proposed to Jaime on August 20, 2015. It was a Thursday. I had to go to work, but Jaime had the day off. When she woke up, I surprised her and told her that she had a massage appointment coming up. When she was done with her massage, I told her that she had a surprise manicure. During her manicure, I snuck home from work, changed clothes, and left her a dress I had picked out. I then went to wait at my proposal location. I had a friend deliver her to me, once she had time to get ready. The location was outside an art gallery. When she arrived, I had flowers and a letter waiting for her, while I hid around a corner. While she was reading the letter I approached her. Once she was done, I told her how much she meant to me and asked her to marry me. Luckily she said yes, because I had a photographer secretly waiting there and he captured it all, then took photos of us together afterwards.”Stunning Paris Elopement

Elopement Celebration Paris

Romantic Wedding Portraits

“When we started seriously discussing wedding plans, we kept deciding to go smaller and smaller with our guest list. At first, it was a large wedding in our hometown. Then, a smaller wedding in our current city, Houston. Then, an even smaller wedding at a destination, and then we ultimately decided on an elopement to Paris.”Homemade Wedding Bouquet

Simple Wedding Flowers

Elegant bridal portrait

Dapper groom portrait

“We wanted our wedding to not be a source of stress, but a representation of us and our love. Eloping in Paris seemed wildly romantic and seeing pictures and accounts of other couples who have done the same thing were enough to convince us that it was the right decision. Years from now, a wedded couple won’t remember the place settings they chose, or what the save the dates looked like, but how that day made them feel and the special moments with their loved ones. While it was a difficult decision to choose to only share the day with each other, spending a romantic day together in Paris is exactly what we want to remember.”Claire Morris Wedding Photography

Vintage wedding Car France

Chic elopement France

Basix Black Label Wedding Paris

Romantic wedding day shots

Wedding Laduree MacaronsChampagne and macaron wedding receptionParis elopement bride and groom

Paris cafe wedding photo

Paris wedding romance


I adore Jaime and Steven’s Wedding Video by the super talented FWS vendor Chris Nemes of Zen Film Works which can be enjoyed here:



With love,
Christina x


Houston to Paris City of Love Elopement Snapshot Houston to Paris City of Love Elopement Snapshot

Wedding Vendors

Photographer: Claire Morris Photography | Videographer: Chris Nemes | Transport: Vintage Rolls through Andre Salawi | Flowers: The bride | Celebrant: Aude Abadie | Hair/ Make up: Onorina Jomir BeautyDress: Basix Black LabelShoes: Badgley MischkaSuit: Joseph A BankHotel: Hotel West End

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