Top 13 Dordogne Wedding Venues [Updated 2023]

 Dordogne: Top Wedding Venues for Your French Dream Wedding

A Region Rich in History

Dordogne, commonly referred to as Périgord is a region in the southwest of France, built around the river under the same name. While most French regions are keeping up with the modern world, when you are in Dordogne, it’s not surprising to get the feel of time standing still. That makes these lands perfect for couples who wish to experience the quintessential French allure. With a variety of charming villages such as Beynac-et-Cazanac, La Roque-Gageac, Castlenaud-La-Chapelle and Rocamadour to offer you and your guests a romantic haven for love celebrations and numerous chateaux, your wedding story will be curated in the name of timelessness and serenity.

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Since travellers do not frequently visit Dordogne, its surroundings are practically untouched, so you can expect gorgeous sights of unspoiled nature wherever you turn. However, the region is seamlessly accessible as there is an airport close to Dordogne, France. This is the Bergerac Dordogne Perigord Airport, located west of the region – roughly 100km from Bordeaux.

french wedding venue dordogne castelnau la chapelle


The Land of the 1001 Castles

Additionally, the third-biggest region in France is also noted for its historic appeal. Due to the abundance of medieval villages, ancient churches, and grandiose castles – some of which are places where you can get married in Dordogne, France – the region was crowned as the heart of French history and culture. In fact, some even call it “The Land of 1001 Castles”, so you can already imagine what your special moments will look like in one of the wedding venues in Dordogne, France, we’re showing today.

chateau biron dordogne wedding venues

Chateau Biron

While you’re here, you and your guests can immerse yourselves in historical experiences by visiting one of the many villages scattered throughout the region, or for the true history buffs, a visit to the Lascaux Cave IV adorned with prehistoric treasures is a must. Moreover, since Bordeaux is just an hour and a half away, you can quickly hop on a train and witness its vibrancy. Still, given the number of mesmerizing chateaux and gorgeous villages, leaving Dordogne will not be the easiest thing to do.

The Most Romantic Wedding Venues in Dordogne, France

From the description above, we imagine you’re at the edge of your seat, eager to see the beauty of Dordogne wedding venues. Boasting ornate chateaux and a vast range of intimate villas, it’s safe to say that you’re in for a treat! That said, here are the best Dordogne, France wedding venues.

1. Chateau la Durantie

1.5-hour drive to Bordeaux Airport

Chateau la durantie wedding venue France - bordeaux - dordogne

Embraced by the enchanting ambiance of Dordogne’s neighbouring castles, Chateau la Durantie stands as a true embodiment of timeless elegance. Situated within the serene landscapes of Dordogne, France, this French wedding venue presents a classic chateau surrounded by meticulously manicured gardens. Couples seeking a fairytale setting for their wedding will find Chateau la Durantie to be the quintessential choice among Dordogne wedding venues.

2. Chateau du Mas de Montet

1.5-hour drive to Bordeaux Airport

Chateau le mas de Montet wedding France

Nestled within the heart of the Dordogne region, Chateau du Mas de Montet offers a tranquil lakeside backdrop. It’s an ideal selection for couples who envision exchanging their vows against the serene and romantic backdrop of Dordogne, France. This Dordogne wedding venue promises an atmosphere of serenity and natural beauty.

3. Chateau Lacanaud

1.5-hour drive to Bordeaux Airport

French wedding venue Dordgogne Chateau Lacanaud

In the beautiful wine region of Dordogne, set on 20 acres, sits the 18th Century Chateau Lacanaud. It boasts beautiful gardens, a sparkling swimming pool, a tranquil lake and woodland walks. This stunningly restored and decorated chateau is spacious and beautiful with French-inspired furniture throughout.

4. Chateau de la Valouze

1-hour drive to Bordeaux Airport

chateau de la valouze dordogne wedding venue french wedding chateau

Secluded amidst the enchanting woodlands and captivating gardens, Chateau de la Valouze provides an intimate escape for couples. This rustic Dordogne wedding venue promises a unique atmosphere of privacy and whimsy, creating cherished memories of a lifetime.

5. Domaine de la Fauconnie

1.5-hour drive to Bordeaux Airport

french wedding venue domaine la fauconnie

For those yearning for rustic luxury in the heart of the Dordogne region, Domaine de la Fauconnie presents itself as the perfect choice. With its natural beauty and a rustic chapel that exudes charm, this French countryside wedding venue offers couples an idyllic setting to exchange their vows.

6. Chateau de Clerans

1.5-hour drive to Bordeaux Airport

chateau de clerans where to get married in france

A quintessential French wedding venue, Chateau de Clerans captures the essence of timeless elegance. Its beautifully landscaped gardens complement the classic chateau architecture, providing a refined setting for weddings. Among Dordogne wedding venues, Chateau de Clerans stands as a symbol of classic sophistication.

7. Domaine d’Essendieras

1.5-hour drive to Bergerac Airport

Domaine d'Essendieras French wedding venue

Nestled within the heart of the picturesque Dordogne valley, Domaine d’Essendieras offers a romantic countryside setting that perfectly complements the region’s natural beauty. As a Dordogne wedding venue, it boasts rustic charm and a timeless ambiance, making it an ideal choice for couples celebrating their love.

8. Chateau du Raysse

1.5-hour drive to Bergerac Airport

chateau du raysse french wedding venue dordgone france

Perched majestically atop a hill, Chateau du Raysse is a medieval masterpiece among Dordogne wedding venues. Its panoramic views create a magical and unforgettable atmosphere, making it a historic and captivating choice for couples seeking an extraordinary wedding experience.

9. Chateau Forge du Roy

50-minutes drive to Bergerac Airport

Chateau Forge du Roy french wedding venue

Chateau Forge du Roy strikes a unique balance between history and modernity, appealing to couples desiring a fusion of tradition and contemporary elegance for their wedding celebration. It stands as a distinguished Dordogne wedding venue, offering an experience that seamlessly combines the charm of the past with the sophistication of the present.

10. Chateau de la Treyne

1.5-hour drive to Bergerac Airport

French wedding venue dordogne chateau de la treyne 1

Nestled within the heart of nature, the luxurious Chateau de la Treyne is a magnificent French castle overlooking a never-ending expanse of greenery. Additionally, there’s a Romanesque chapel right next to the Chateau, providing a setting that epitomizes romance. Best of all – the Chateau de la Treyne will be exclusively yours for your most cherished moments.

11. Chateau de la Mothe

1-hour drive to Bergerac Airport

chateau de la Mothe french wedding venue in Dordgone France

Rich with mesmerizing views and unexpected gems, the Chateau de la Mothe is one of the most unique Dordogne, France wedding venues, boasting mysterious, alluring, and astoundingly romantic settings. Even through turbulent times, this amazing castle has managed to retain its charm and glory, and now it’s opening its doors to you so you can start your married life in the heart of history.

12. Chateau de Lacoste

1-hour drive to Bergerac Airport

Chateau de Lacoste

Located in the northern part of Perigord Noir, Chateau de Lacoste is crowned as one of the most beautiful places to get married in Dordogne, France, offering splendid views of the Valley. From the first time you lay eyes on it, you will be amazed by the astounding architecture and its serene atmosphere. Simply put, you’ll instantly know how it’s gotten its crown as soon as you arrive.

13. Chateau de Vigiers

30-minute drive to Bergerac Airport

French wedding venue dordogne chateau vigier

Coming in as the final Dordogne wedding venue is the impressive Chateau de Vigiers, also noted as Le Petite Versailles. Having an experienced team, this Chateau will bring your dream wedding to life, where all of your desires will be catered to. In addition to the amazing settings, the gastronomic experience here is out of this world!

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Have a Wedding in Dordogne, France?

Like in most of France, Dordogne is best experienced during the summertime from June to September. During this time, the weather is quite mild, with temperatures ranging from 25 to 32C. Because of the river, you’ll experience cool breezes and the summer air’s sweet scents. Additionally, many markets are present in the summer, and you can even catch a festival or two once your destination wedding in France is over.

Conversely, autumn and spring are beautiful in Dordogne, with slightly cooler temperatures than summer and the slight possibility of rain. In the spring, the nature of the Valley is as vibrant as ever, whereas the golden hues of autumn completely transform it into something that looks straight out of a storybook. Winter, on the other hand, is not ideal since Dordogne goes into its “dormant” phase, though lovers of the cold will surely find its appeal attractive.

No matter which period you desire most, rest assured that the Dordogne wedding venues listed above are fabulous any time of the year!

dordogne wedding venue

Chateau de la Treyne

The Culinary Wonders Of Dordogne, France

In addition to the spectacular nature and heaps of ancient castles and villas, Dordogne boasts an impressive culinary scene! Some food critics have even said that France eats best in this region! For that reason, you should absolutely try the Perigord truffle and Foie Gras, as well as the creamy Rocamadour cheese. If you crave something sweet, the Walnut Pie will surely hit the spot!

Wrapping up our Dordogne Wedding Venues

As you can see, there are many reasons why you should consider this region to be the place to begin the new chapter of your love story – our selection of Dordogne wedding venues being one of them. With that in mind, enjoy their magnificence and start planning the celebration of your dreams. If you need more inspiration, check out the rest of the related articles!

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