Wedding Venue in France: Spotlight on Chateau de La Ligne

I first came across the delightful Château De La Ligne as the backdrop for Jasmine and Adrian’s real life wedding movie featured on the blog last month.  I was enchanted by the wonderful building and even more intrigued by Château De La Ligne history, that I had to contact the lovely team at the Château and find out more.

The marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis Le Jeune, son of Louis le Gros, King of France, united the north and south of France under one sovereignty.

As Queen of France, Eleanor, Duchess of Aquitaine, granted a charter for a monastery to be constructed as a commandery of the Hospitaller Order of the Knights of St John of Jerusalem on the current site of Château De La Ligne.   Charles VII, who regained control of the province from the English, took possession of the lands and gave them to the Marquis de Chapelas.   The Hospitallers were expelled from the monastery.

chateau de la ligneOn March 11th 1152. divorce was granted and Eleanor was removed from the court of Louis, taking with her all those noble territories that had been annexed to the crown of France. On May 18th 1152, Eleanor gave her hand to Henry Plantagenet, Count of Anjou.   Shortly after the death of King Stephen of England, on December 19th 1154, Henry and Eleanor were crowned King and Queen of England in Westminster Abbey. Henry is alleged to have died of a broken heart at Fontevraud on July 6th 1189 when Eleanor entered a nunnery where she too died on March 21st 1204 at the age of 82.

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From Jasmine and Adrian’s wedding film you can see that Château De La Ligne is a beautiful wedding venue in France for your destination wedding.    Not offering wedding packages, all weddings held at the Chateau benefit from a bespoke services adapted to each and every single bride and groom.

wedding chateau franceClaire Dillon from Château De La Ligne tells us about one of their wedding couples: “Bride Jasmine contacted me in March 2011 to have her wedding at Chateau de La Ligne.  On visiting the Chateau, she immediately fell in love and employed my services to help her with the entire organisation.  Jasmine knew exactly what she wanted, being a wedding planner herself Jasmine Champion Weddings.

destination wedding franceJasmine and her family arrived a few days before the wedding to settle in and enjoy the beautiful October weather. On the Friday night, they organised an Indian themed evening  with all their guests. Finishing at a reasonable hour to enjoy the next day’s wedding, everyone went back to their hotels or for the few lucky ones, stayed on site.

On the day of the wedding, the temperature was around 35C. The gardens were set for the ceremony with decorations in the trees, parasols, chairs and flowers. The Orangerie was beautifully decorated, ready to welcome the newlywed.  After the ceremony, they had a champagne reception overlooking the vines in the second garden. Gourmet French menu was served and they partied on till the small hours of the morning.  The next day, the guests were back and they enjoyed a sports day in the gardens with a tasty Indian barbecue. The perfect end to a perfect week end.”

outdoor wedding franceThe last picture for me really encapsulates the benefits of a french country wedding, relaxed and informal and the stunning view looking over the vineyards.

I love the history surrounding Château De La Ligne and hopefully I can fit in a trip to Bordeaux and the Chateau when I visit France in March.  If you are looking to find out further information visit the Château De La Ligne website for more information.

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Image 10, wedding planner: Jarretiere in the Air

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