Real Life Wedding Movie: Chateau De La Ligne, Bordeaux

Today I get to share with you the wedding film for Jasmine and Adrian who got married in Chateau De La Ligne in Bordeaux and shot by Clark and Palmer Wedding Films.  The wedding was an English style wedding with some Punjabi/Indian elements, with the Bride’s family being Punjabi.

The whole day had a very European feel to it in that it was all so relaxed! This was mainly due to it all being in the same venue, with the ceremony taking place at the back of the chateau and the reception in the front, with refreshments aplenty for all the 50-60 guests, which was an amazing turn out for a destination wedding.

Jasmine & Adrian – Bordeaux Wedding Trailer from Clark and Palmer Wedding Films on Vimeo.

The entire weekend went off without a problem, with some guests turning up on the Friday for the Saturday wedding.

As expected the weather was amazing! With the ceremony due to start at 4.30 so as to allow the temperature to cool somewhat guests were welcomed with an ice cold lemonade, although the heat still came through!  Clark and Palmer Wedding Films worked in tandem with Dasha from Exhibit Emotions Wedding Photography on the day. Tom Clark fromClark and Palmer Wedding Films: “It’s always nice when you get on with the photographer because most of the time that’s who you spend most of your time with! And Dasha was lovely, really friendly and incredibly professional, and I have since been amazed at her work.

Tom said: “The couple were fantastic, always on offer to give us a hand (it helped that Jasmine is a wedding planner Jasmine Champion Weddings, hence there being no problems all weekend!) and were always open to whatever we or the photographer wanted to film, even in the Vineyard whilst everyone else was enjoying Champagne the two were more than welcome to stand and pose in the blistering heat.

When guests moved into the dining area this was where the fun really kicked off.  After quite a few speeches and an amazing French cooked meal, accompanied of course with the Chateau De Le Ligne wine made from the same vineyards we shot in (which was a lovely touch, and a lovely wine!), it was onto the first dance and of course the party.

And boy do the Punjabi people know how to party! As soon as the first dance song finished the Banghra music came out, with the Indian side of the room showing the English side how to dance.

With people reluctant to leave the first coach arrived at midnight, with some people staying into the small hours to carry on the party.

The people were a lovely bunch, with it of course being very family orientated and the usual traditions kept (cutting the cake etc).

It really was an amazing weekend, and we would have struggled to come away from it with anything other than amazing footage as the setting was perfect!”

Clark and Palmer Wedding Films pride themselves on bringing wedding films into the high quality bracket.  “We feel that wedding films usually have a bad reputation of being cheesy and low budget, but we like to change this view in people minds, shooting and editing something classy and beautiful. The two of us have been doing wedding films for a number of years now and have been collaborating together for 2, both bringing different styles to the shoot.

We also take every couple and every wedding into consideration when shooting and editing, knowing that different people want and like different things, this allows us to put in a compilation of songs of the couples choice.”

Enjoy the film

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