Roland Mouret French Wedding Dresses

Roland Mouret French Wedding Dresses

He has been linked to Megan Markle with rumours about the royal wedding dress, but today if you don’t have a royal budget we are sharing Roland Mouret French Wedding Dresses available to purchase from the comfort of your own home.

After being approached to design a close friend’s wedding dress, Mouret aspired to create a small bridal collection, a kind of ‘love’ collection for that special moment.

Mouret says of his inspiration: “I want my bridal dresses to be a bit more sexy. I wanted to create something that is about you and your partner, a one-to-one private relationship with the dress – not just something to please friends and family.”

Mouret’s bridal concept is an organic progression from his already established signature silhouettes. This intimate collection consists of five individual styles available in a range of white and cream hues that have been crafted in the finest fabrics. Each dress comes exquisitely wrapped in a white Roland Mouret garment bag, containing a special message from Roland, and each are sealed with a moleskin bow.

Below is a selection of beautiful Roland Mouret Bridal outfits and you can also find more of Roland’s beautiful creations visit here.

Roland Mouret Ella wool crepe gown

Ella wool-crepe gown

roland mouret stretch crepe gown

Compeyson open-back stretch-crepe gown

Addover satin gown

Addover Satin Gown

Roland Mouret Gildin fil coupe gown

Gildin Gown

Roland Mouret Colston stretch crepe jumpsuit

Colston Jumpsuit


Roland Mouret Bridal Cape

Bridal Cape


Pernice one shoulder wool crepe

Roland Mouret one shoulder dress

Roland Mouret classic wedding registry dress

Strapless Wool-crepe dress

For more information about Roland Mouret visit and purchase Roland Mouret


French Wedding Dresses by Roland Mouret 600

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