Guide to Gold Bridal Cover-Ups for Your Special Day

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Find the Perfect Bridal Cover-Up to Elevate Your Wedding Look

The clock is slowly ticking away to your majestic destination wedding in France. You’ve already picked out an exquisite venue and the details to perfectly match your style, along with attire that will surely leave everyone breathless. However, have you thought about accessories, specifically the bridal cover-up?

As you may already know, the weather in France is near-perfect as the country is graced with sunshine throughout the summer months, especially in the southern regions. But, if you’re hosting an outdoor celebration somewhere deep in the French countryside, know that the weather tends to get chilly during the evenings, so you may need to opt for a bridal cover-up. Even if the cold doesn’t get to you, these astounding statement pieces can elevate your wedding style beyond words. You can easily add a dramatic touch to your gown by adding an elegant bridal shawl, which may come in handy if your dress leans on the risqué side and you want a moderate approach to your wedding ceremony.

In this instance, we will talk all about gold bridal cover-ups, as they’ve taken French weddings by storm in the last couple of years. Naturally, this color is synonymous with luxury and sophistication, the two essential qualities for celebrations of this magnitude. For that reason, join us as we go through awe-inspiring gold bridal cover-ups, how to choose the perfect color for you, and styling tips to achieve the most ethereal and cohesive look for the most important day of your life.

Different Styles Of Gold Bridal Cover-Ups

As you can imagine, there are all sorts of gold bridal cover-ups, from stylish sequined jackets to elegant shawls, perfectly fit for brides looking for an extra dramatic flair in their wedding style.

For one, you have bridal shawls and boleros. The latter resembles a jacket with long, elegant sleeves, typically made from feathers, cashmere, and even faux fur. These are ideal for brides who want a bit of modesty in their wedding looks, as boleros easily cover up all exposed parts on your upper body, like the shoulders, back, and chest. Modern versions of this type of bridal cover-up also come with short sleeves, making them ideal for hosting a summer French wedding.

On the other hand, bridal shawls are much more versatile and can provide the same effects as the previous option, but they won’t keep you that warm. Nonetheless, these shawls are designed for the boho bride, who reaps inspiration for her wedding style from natural treasures. Dancing with them is also an exceptional experience – you’ll feel like a disco queen from the 70s!

Finally, you have bridal jackets, the most diverse option out of all cover-ups. They are a great option if you don’t want your look to be too soft, as precise tailoring can provide an effortless contemporary feel. Still, if you’re looking for something truly dramatic, you can go for a long-flowing faux fur cape, ideal if you’re hosting your French wedding during the winter. Undoubtedly, you will feel and look like royalty, celebrating your most special day in an ornate chateau.

Choosing The Right Shade Of Gold

While picking out a bridal cover-up style may be relatively easy, choosing the gold color for it may pose a challenge. However, if you follow the same principle of selecting gold jewelry, you won’t find it too troubling.

Firstly, white and gold are the ultimate pair. If you need proof of this, just take a look at some of the Parisian architecture with gold adornments! When it comes to picking out your gold bridal cover-up, take a good look at your skin tone rather than the attire you’re wearing. With that in mind, if you have pale skin with yellowish undertones, go for rose or yellow gold. Alternatively, white gold with hints of platinum suits people with darker skin and cooler undertones.

To achieve perfection, try a few cover-ups at your local bridal store. This will surely steer you in the right direction.

Coordinating With Your Wedding Dress

As previously mentioned, the type of bridal cover-up you’ll choose needs to be on par with your wedding style and theme. That said, if you’re striving for elegance and a more classic look, you should aim for bridal shawls, shrugs, and boleros made of lace, faux fur, and cashmere. This will cover up exposed parts – if any – and will keep you warm through the evening.

In contrast, aim for bridal jackets and ankle-length capes for a more modern and bolder look. The French love their sparkly sequins, so you’ll find many shimmering cover-ups that will make you radiant. You can even go for leather jackets as well, but be careful with selecting their style and color, as some of them can be rather kitschy.

Where To Shop: Online Stores & Top French Boutiques

This is probably the easiest part of finding the perfect bridal cover-up. Thousands of online bridal stores offer all kinds of styles, meaning you’ll effortlessly find the cover-up that suits your look.

However, for the full French experience, we suggest looking up specialized boutiques in the country. As pioneers in fashion, you can already imagine what you can expect from French bridal stores. Whether you desire something sparkly or modest with subtle gold adornments, know that you’ll surely find the best cover-up accessories to complete your wedding look.

Styling Tips For A Cohesive Look

Finally, here are some styling tips that will guide you in picking out the ideal bridal cover-up for your ethereal celebration of love.

Firstly, consider the formality of your occasion. If you’re hosting a boho-inspired wedding, a sparkly, extravagant cape will just seem off. Instead, you should choose a bridal shawl or something more casual to match your wedding style. Furthermore, think about your dress’ silhouette. Ensure the cover-up works with its shape, and don’t go for too many details if your dress is already heavily adorned. Lastly, the bridal cover-up needs to feel comfortable as you’ll be wearing it through the night. Anything that feels heavy, even if it looks fashionable, won’t do you any good.

We hope that this guide will help you pick the most astounding gold bridal cover-up for your French weddings. As previously mentioned, you’ll have a thrilling time going through a variety of styles, so enjoy every moment of the process. We know you will pick something truly spectacular!

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