Meet French wedding dress designer Fanny Liautard

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Meet French Wedding Dress Designer Fanny Liautard

Love stories are not all about weddings – there is something about fashion, too. Many couples nowadays decide to incorporate their story into the design of the bride’s wedding dress. Everyone deserves a great beginning to the journey together. Therefore, why not begin the journey of marital bliss with a beautiful wedding created by one of the best designers in France?

Enter Fanny Liautard, born and raised Parisian. She is synonymous with elegance, innovation, and timeless beauty in the world of bridal couture. Fanny was living and working in Paris, the world’s fashion capital. She has carved her niche as a distinguished French wedding dress designer, captivating the hearts of brides around the globe.

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What is the journey of Fanny Liautard to becoming a bridal couture designer?

Fanny Liautard’s journey is one every person who dreams of becoming a designer has to hear. Becoming a renowned French fashion designer requires passion, determination, and an unwavering commitment to the art of couture. She studied at the Chambre Syndicale de la Couture Parisienne and began her career in a haute couture workshop. She helped design beautiful gowns for prestigious clients such as Audrey Hepburn, Mr. Givenchy, the first lady, princesses, and queens.

She learned the concepts of excellence, elegance, quality, nobility, and material respect. It provided her with experience and expertise in the field of haute couture. In 1985, this famous French wedding dress designer of bridal gowns decided to launch her brand and name it after herself.

She was devoted to creating luxury lingerie and clothing distributed at “Bon Marché” in France, Barney’s in New York, and Victoria’s Secret. Quite a success already. Two years later, she won the first prize in the DEFI competition organized by the state for designers and young talent. She also won first prize at the International Lin Festival.

It wasn’t until 1994 that her lingerie collection was first featured in the French magazine Madame Figaro. But 1995 proved to be another successful year when “La Fédération française des Dentelles et Broderies” awarded her the first prize for one of the timeless wedding dresses.

What are the signature styles and inspirations behind Fanny Liautard’s wedding dresses?

Despite her impeccable background in fashion design, Fanny envisioned creating timeless wedding dresses that would make every pride day even more beautiful. The dresses are designed to express the love and individuality of each couple and are not just garments for an event. Her attention to detail, unique perspective, and dedication to craftsmanship quickly pushed her to the top in the competitive bridal fashion world.

She draws inspiration from fluidity, femininity, poetry, and fiction. Her designs include things she learned through travel, dreams, Hollywood movies, and novels. As a designer, she enjoys beautiful places, architecture, and scenery. Being surrounded by beauty makes a designer’s imagination go wild, which later helps them fantasize about what to create.

Fanny must have done something right because her success did not seem to end. So she decided to open a store on rue Saint Florentin in Paris and join “Les Grands Ateliers de France,” where she created five prêt-à-porter collections distributed in Gallery Lafayette and Printemps in Paris.

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How does Fanny Liautard design a wedding dress, from sketch to the final creation?

Creating a Liautard wedding gown is pretty complex and requires an artistic hand. Once the potential model/styler and materials are selected, she creates a mannequin based on the client’s shape and measurements. Creating a replica of the client’s body captures the exact situation and gets as close to reality as possible. Fanny’s style is to drape material over the client’s body so the replica is as close as possible. 

While working on the new dress, Fanny starts by drawing a sketch, a continuation of the chosen model. Once done, she and her team. Start preparing the canvas for the prototype. A few weeks of trials/fittings are conducted with the client to confirm the dress’s development. It may take 3 to 6 months to complete the gown with multiple fittings.

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What are some iconic wedding gowns designed by Fanny Liautard?

Her creations depict women in a world of luxury, from the first ball gown to the ultimate White Wedding Gown. Fanny incorporates womanly stories into her designs based on her huge experience and many interactions with the fairer sex. 

Liautard’s portfolio boasts an array of iconic wedding gowns that have graced weddings worldwide. One such timeless masterpiece is the ‘Elysian Elegance’ gown, featuring a contemporary silhouette with a cascading train adorned with hand-appliqued lace detailing. Another notable creation is the ‘Parisian Princess,’ a ball gown that captures the grandeur of a fairytale wedding.

Brides seeking a more avant-garde look should peek into the ‘Artistic Allure’ collection, featuring unconventional designs that push the boundaries of chic Parisian bridal fashion. From asymmetrical hemlines to daring necklines, these gowns cater to the bold and adventurous bride who desires a unique and memorable wedding ensemble.

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Where can I find Fanny Liautard’s wedding dress creations?

For brides-to-be dreaming of walking down the aisle in Fanny’s creation, the designer’s atelier in Paris provides a personalized as well as immersive experience. Additionally, her collections are showcased in select Paris bridal boutiques worldwide, allowing brides to discover and try on these exquisite gowns in various locations.

Liautard’s presence at Paris Fashion Week adds another dimension to the accessibility of her designs. The global platform showcases her latest collections and underscores her influence in internationally shaping the future of bridal fashion.

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Fanny Liautard is a name that stands as a beacon of creativity and excellence in the bridal fashion world. Her journey from sketching dreamy designs to crafting iconic wedding gowns has shaped the bridal couture narrative and become integral to love stories worldwide. As couples plan their weddings, Liautard’s creations offer a touch of Parisian magic, infusing every moment with elegance as well as sophistication. Her designs beckon brides to embrace their individuality and celebrate their love in style.

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