Meet Paris wedding dress designer Suzanne Ermann

I have another fabulous Paris wedding dress designer to share with you today and it is the first time the that the talented Suzanne Ermann wedding dresses have been featured on the blog.

Suzanne learned her craft amongst the greatest designers Chanel, Chantal Thomas and Mugler after graduating from the Employer’s Federation School of Haute Couture in Paris.

Suzanne has often been considered to be a bridalwear pioneer with her classic with a modern twist style since opening up her first boutique in the Marais district in 1991.

Years later and the Suzanne Ermann wedding and evening dress collections are now distributed all over the world.  Either traditional or innovative, her fresh, elegant and modern creations meet the aspirations of the woman of today. Her signature: pleats, hoops and her famous twills that come to life at the slightest motion.

French Wedding Style  – © Suzanne Ermann
suzanne ermann wedding dress

Suzanne Ermann: ORBERTE

suzanne ermann haute couture

Suzanne Ermann: Left – Nuage Right: Nyne

suzanne ermann mermaid dress

Suzanne Ermann: Nouchka

french wedding dress

Suzanne Ermann: Left – Naiade Right – Nana

suzanne ermann feminine wedding dress

Suzanne Ermann: Nikita

suzanne ermann sheer wedding dress

Suzanne Ermann: Natacha

suzanne ermann chic wedding dress

Suzanne Ermann: Nocturne

paris wedding dress designer

Suzanne Ermann: Left – Night Right – Niken

suzanne ermann wedding dress

Suzanne Ermann: Nymphea

suzanne ermann classic wedding dress

Suzanne Ermann: Narration

paris wedding dress designer

Suzanne Ermann: Niponne

cocktail wedding dress train

Suzanne Ermann: Nathalia

suzanne ermann wedding france

Suzanne Ermann: Left – Norka Right – Nova

 Which one is your favourite?

To find out more about Suzanne Ermann’s bridal wear and design process visit

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