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Whether you are looking for a garter for your wedding or to just make you feel a little ‘Oo La La’, wedding garters have that special quality that can make any lady or gent, feel extraspecial.  Today I am introducing you to Bleu Garters, handcrafted garters from California from fine silks and antique laces, you can pick a garter to compliment your style.

Bleu Garters spans the bridge and takes you to where no garters have gone since the 1920’s…. classy for evening wear, and fun for a night out! A garter by Bleu adorns your leg like a piece of jewelry.

wedding gartersBleu Garters have two wonderful french inspired garter collections Paris 1928 and Moulin Rouge. Lets find out more about the two collections from Bleu Garters from the designer Jaime Lawson:

“For the Paris 1928 Collection, I really wanted to focus on the glamour that was exemplified by the flappers of the 20’s.  Paris had a special breed of flapper that oozed luxury, with the help of couturiers and skilled craftsmen producing beautiful laces and detailed beading for their dresses and accessories.  

bridal garters

Bleu garters

“Flappers were all about individuality; they believed that self-expression led to a complete and fulfilling life.  They pushed the societal boundaries for women, abandoning previous conservative cultural norms.  How inspiring is that?  The garters in the Paris 1928 Collection push the boundaries of normal garters: they are a completely new style of garter, the Tie Garter.  Bleu Garters invented a technique in which Tie Garters stay up on your leg without shimmying down.  The garters in this collection are very glamorous, using beaded lace in gorgeous soft colors with double-faced silk satin ribbon.”

lace wedding garter

 gold garters

wedding garters

wedding garters

“The Moulin Rouge is a cabaret in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, built in the late 1800’s, that became famous for its performers inventing the can-can dance.  As a dancer myself, I am completely inspired by this!  The fun, jovial atmosphere of the theater paired with the exuberant spirit of the playful dancers is the backbone of the Moulin Rouge Collection.  

wedding garters

wedding garters

pink bridal garters

“This collection uses bold colors: navy, black, dark pink, white, and gold.  Over-sized and playful embellishments adorn the garters: they are definitely not understated!  There are a couple beaded lace Tie Garters in the collection, as well as double-faced silk satin ribbon garters decorated with bows and extra large rhinestones.  Not for the faint of heart.”

black bridal garters

bridal silk gartersbridal garters

 And if your looking to add that person touch, why not have your own garter designed with your initials and date of the wedding.

bridal gartersThank you to Jamie and Bleu Garters for sharing the gorgeous garters.

If you have a Bleu Garter for your wedding day, I would love to hear from you.

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