5 Oval Engagement Rings To Swoon Over

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Kristin Coffin Jewelry started from humble beginnings. Originally handmade by Kristin herself in a small apartment and growing to the extensive Engagement Rings collection made by a team of artisans that exists today, planning a proposal has never been more of a pleasure.

If you want to find a ring that will become a future family heirloom without the weight of sustainable sourcing and ethical crafting weighing on your mind, look no further than this stunning collection.

This article will talk you through five oval engagement rings from antique-inspired to modern-minimalist designs, that truly are swoon-worthy.


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The Sofia is a large vintage-inspired oval ring surrounded by a halo of accent diamonds. This ring comes in either salt-and-pepper, lab-grown diamond or Moissanite centers. You can choose either white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, or platinum bands.

Whilst traditionally the most celebrated diamond has been a high clarity white diamond. Diamonds with inclusions and colour variations are becoming more and more popular.

Kristin Coffin Jewelry are proud to make rings that are personalized for each and every client. The salt-and-pepper diamond variety means no two stones will ever be the same.


Artemis Peach Sapphire engagement rings in on a white cushion

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The Anika is another vintage-inspired oval ring surrounded by a halo of accent diamonds in differing sizes. This ring comes in salt-and-pepper diamond, Moissanite or sapphire centers and again, you can choose either white gold, rose gold, yellow gold or platinum bands.

Moissanite, which is often referred to as a diamond simulant, is a laboratory grown mineral consisting of silicon carbide. It is very rarely found in nature but has been found in meteorites. This stunning stone has changed the way people buy engagement rings in a profound way, fast becoming a popular choice due to it’s strong, long-lasting structure and affordable price tag.


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The Nyx is also a vintage-inspired oval centre ring with an unusual halo of tapered baguette, pear and round diamonds. Choose from a colorless, grey or aqua-teal Moissanite center.

Even though Moissanite engagement rings have been favoured as an affordable and very sparkly diamond substitute, it is not naturally a colorless gemstone. Just like any other gemstone it ranges in color and to achieve these brilliant colors a special heating process is used in their production.


Ladies hand against a scarf wearing engagement ring with white stone

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The Juno is a simple, yet elegant 3 stone ring that is equal parts modern and classic. A gorgeous oval lab-grown diamond, Moissanite or Sapphire centre is framed by a trillion shaped lab-grown diamond on either side.

The trillion cut originates from 1960s Amsterdam and is the perfect ring for lovers of geometric-shaped jewelry. Traditionally used as accents for a more mainstream shaped centre stone. The trillion cut is gaining popularity as the star of the show in many engagement rings.


Multiple engagement rings on green velvet cushion in teal colours

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For the less adventurous, or perhaps less decisive individuals amongst us, the Demi is the perfect compromise between halo and solitaire ring settings. A beautiful, simple statement piece that features an oval centre stone in either lab-grown diamond or Moissanite centre bordered on either side by three diamonds.

Whether you are looking for a vintage-inspired ring with timeless elegance and extra pizzazz, or a more modern yet demure ring, one thing is clear – oval engagement rings are truly worthy of being swooned over.

The hardest part of getting to the end of this article is deciding which of these five stunning engagement rings from Kristin Coffin is the one to choose!

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