Shaking up the proposal world with lab grown diamonds engagement rings

lab grown diamonds engagement rings

Are you looking for the perfect engagement ring? Then why not consider an environmentally friendly and economical lab grown diamonds engagement rings. The same exceptional quality but up to 30% less expensive allowing you to get more bang for your buck! With lab grown diamonds from Great Heights that’s all possible. Great Heights was founded by a team of industry veterans with over 100 years of combined experience so you’re in great hands. Not only are they producing incredible diamonds with their new, environmentally conscious and conflict-free process they also offer a guided process from browsing to proposal.

Not only are you helping the environment and enjoying less expensive diamonds they’re also stunning, here are a few of our favourite lab grown diamonds engagement rings from Great Heights:

Our Favourite Lab Grown Diamonds Engagement Rings

Elodie Halo – Vintage Inspired Design

Elodie Halo

“We’re putting our decades of experience to work to help you navigate the nuances of diamonds. Combining industry know-how with thoughtful technology, we’ve developed an intuitive shopping experience that guides you to your perfect diamond.”

Largo Classic – Diamonds Gently Intertwine

Largo ClassicThe only difference between natural diamonds and lab-created diamonds is their origin. Every Great Heights diamond is lab-grown using a craft that mirrors the natural growing process.

Aerial Oval Halo – Modern Cathedral Setting

Aerial Oval Halo

What happens beneath the Earth’s surface is duplicated in a lab using advanced technologies. Pretty cool 21st century stuff, this really does give you an insight to our future.

Delicate Solitaire – Classic

Delicate Solitaire

Delicate Cushion Shape Halo Set – With Its Complementary Wedding Band

Delicate Cushion Shape Halo Set

Trinity Micropave Pear Halo

lab grown diamonds engagement rings

Delicate Cushion Shape Halo 

Delicate Cushion Shape Halo

We hope you loved our selection of lab grown diamonds engagement rings. Diamonds really are a girls best friend and Great Heights offer a wonderful service including free shipping and 30 day returns, financing, free resizing and customized designs made just for you. Check out their beautiful, easy navigable website here:

Great Heights