5 Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

5 Top Tips for Planning the Perfect Proposal

Yes we are a wedding plan, but in order to get married someone usually has to propose, so today I’ve invited our resident wedding planning expert Fabienne Slater owner of Elian Concept Weddings and Events and member of UK Alliance of Wedding Planners, to share her top tips for planning the perfect proposal.

Today’s post is going to be for the proposers. With Christmas approaching a lot of you may be contemplating popping the question, as the festive period is one of the most popular times to propose. Most of you will probably start worrying about the whole process, by wanting to create the perfect proposal. Rightly so, it could appear to be a daunting task. Here are a few recommendations, which I hope will help you.

Perfect-Proposal-Paris-Engagement-Melvin-GilbertPhoto credit: Melvin Gilbert Photography via Frosted Petticoat Blog


Firstly, keep calm. As hard as it may be, try to act normally, especially if you want it to be a complete surprise. You have just taken a serious decision, one that is going to engage you for the rest of your life, but there is no reason to panic.

Instead think and prepare. As with a lot of things (wedding included of course) all is in the planning. You need to consider:

1-Your partner’s point of view

Basically, put yourself into your fiancé(e)-to-be shoes and don’t lose track of their personality, likes and dislikes. The Internet is full of suggestions from the most romantic to the craziest or silliest ideas. It is good to browse for inspiration but resist anything that would be out of character for them and for you. Essentially be inventive but keep it simple.

Graffiti-Marry-me-questionPhoto source: Green Wedding Shoes


The most popular times are the Chrismas and New Year period and Valentine’s Day though it may be sweeter to find a date that is unique to your relationship: For example, your first date or kiss, the first day you met, a special Birthday or event. It will have more meaning and your thoughtfulness should touch them. And on a more practical side if you are thinking about proposing in a public place, at least you will be the only one by doing so out of the ‘proposal season’!

How he AskedPhoto source: How he asked


You will be spoiled for choice whenever you decide to do it. The date you have chosen or the reason for that date could make it easier. Again it can be the place you first met, had your first date or your first holiday together, any place of significance for both of you. Somewhere linked to your favourite activity, as a couple is a good place to start: e.g. mountain or chalet, beach or boat, art gallery or museum, theatre or concert hall. Or you may know a place that is special for them, i.e. their favourite city. And why not simply at home?

Choosing where to proposeDune du pyla proposal – Photo credit: Street Focus via With a love like that
Hiking proposal – photo source: Coffee in the mountains


Keep it a secret. Despite the excitement (and the anxiety) you are likely to feel, act as normally as possible in the run up to the day or you will give it away…surely. Check here How to keep your proposal a surprise.

It may sound old-style these days, but asking for their hand is a very thoughtful and romantic thing to do. It is a bit risky for the surprise effect so you will have to judge how well their parents (or whoever else you are seeking permission from) can keep it safe.

Perfect proposalsBoat proposal – Photo source: Inspired by this

On the day itself, the traditional ‘down on one knee’ is still the most favoured and passionate way of proposing.

More in line with modern times is the capture of the instant you propose and they say ‘yes’ on camera. Depending on the setting, consider hiring a photographer or a videographer to keep forever a souvenir of these unique moments.

Proposal sessionPhoto credit: Stephenson Imagery

5-The ring

Certainly the trickiest part of the proposal planning process and attention to detail is key. A few things can go wrong: size, style etc. There again be attentive, this time to their fashion tastes and identify the jewellery colour they prefer e.g. yellow or white gold, the type of stones (Diamond only being the safest bet if you are not sure), their jewellery style: is it classical or more modern?

If you are still not certain, get help from a person that knows them well (friend or relative), but tread carefully as this is another potential hazard for the surprise. Once you are ready to make the purchase, if possible borrow one of their rings to ensure you get the correct size. Alternatively opt for a ‘proposal’ ring and choose the actual ring later together. A new concept and a lovely idea that takes the stress out of this part of your proposal plan.

Engagement RingsProposal ring vs. Engagement ring
[Left] Photo source: Bridal Musings and [Right] Photo credit: Le Secret d’Audrey via What That Wedding

Wishing you all the best with planning your perfect proposal and if you are keen of proposing at Christmas, check here my Top festive proposal places in France.

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