Top 5 Reasons to Marry In Corsica

Today on the blog, we’re taking you on a journey to somewhere warm and sunny, and while we’re there you’re going to find out the top 5 reasons why you should marry in Corsica!

Angélique & Manon from wedding planners Rock My Love are going to be your guides on this trip to the island of Corsica. So get comfy, sit back and relax and feel the sunshine…

Corsica Beach Wedding

1) “Beauty Island” between sea and mountains

White sandy beaches, turquoise water but also mountains, deserts and forests… Corsica’s landscapes are all amazing and pretty wild. Corsican’s have protected their terrain very well so there isn’t much construction and still lots of wild spots to discover. In France we call this island “the Island of beauty”.

Watching the sunset is a must and is actually a great time for couples to have a breath-taking photo session.

2) Perfectly located

Corsica is a French island located between the south east of France and Italy where the sun shines almost every day of the year. It is accessible by boat from France (Nice, Toulon or Marseille are the closest ports) or only 45 minutes by plane from Nice and 90 minutes from Paris.

From the south of Corsica you can reach Sardinia – the Italian island – by boat in less than an hour, so you could combine wedding and honeymoon and enjoy a Mediterranean style holidays!

Corsica Wedding Under Blue SkiesImage Credit: Bruno Mayor

3) Local culture

Corsica produces one of the best hams of the world! They do charcuterie and cheese with a very particular taste that you cannot find anywhere else in the world. They also have many vines all around the island, it is worth taking to the road, discovering beautiful landscapes and tasting great flavours.

You could not get married in Corsica without your guests sampling this typical food which make Corsican people so proud.

You should also definitely hear their music and/or have musicians at your wedding. There are many places where you will meet with musicians (most of the time guitar and voice) who will sing old songs which are 100% part of their culture and history.

4) Tourism for your guests

The beautiful island offers many possibilities to allow your guests to enjoy their holiday. Some of the best hiking spots from France are located in Corsica, and renting a quad bike for the day is a good way to explore the island. For those who would prefer the water they can have lunch or dinner on the beach, rent a boat for a day and go scuba diving. They can also do shopping or music festivals… No way to get bored!

Views from Corsica
Image Credit: Rock My Love


5) Venues options

A wedding in Corsica looks pretty much like a wedding in paradise. There are amazing villas with huge gardens, perfect to stay for a week and to organise a beautiful reception where your guests can feel at home.

If you expect many guests, private hotels are also very good options so you have quality and luxurious services for your guests and can have your wedding on the beach or around a swimming pool.

Beach weddings are very easy too. Many beach clubs provide this service, where you can hold a ceremony on the beach, arrive with a boat, have a cocktail with your feet in the sand and dance all night with a great feeling of freedom.

Corsica ChurchImage Credit: Rock My Love

Our advice: find some help from a planner because English is not often spoken from all providers in Corsica. It would be a shame not to use great suppliers because of the language barrier.

To find out more information about Rock My Love,  visit their website to find out more information.

Top Image Credit: Julien Sorria for Domaine Lagnonu


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