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Brides, come and meet the object of my photography crush!  I believe that people have an energy and so does their creative work and it was this that first brought Jon and S6 Photography onto my radar.

I have seen Jon’s beautiful work via social media and his new born shoot with fellow wedding blogger Kelly at Boho Weddings. I was drawn to Jon’s work for his unique interpretation of every wedding, capturing the essence and personality of each couple through the lens.

So when an email from Jon popped into my inbox the same day as I was reading an S6 photography wedding, it seemed fate.  And it is not just Jon’s work that is full of energy, but the man himself is utterly engaging with an energy that is wonderfully infectious.

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Jon trained in art from an early age mostly making pictures of people. After not really knowing how to apply this in the real world, he worked in IT for several years, before finding a love of taking photos of people. Weddings became the natural thing for him to do with photography as he loves making photos of people, full of happiness, and this happens in a great amount at weddings! He shot a wedding for a friend in 2009 and then things grew very quickly from there.

So before I gush any further, in the next in our Meet the Experts series, I am delighted to introduce S6 Photography!

Jon: “When it comes to be a wedding photographer, you have to love what you do. It’s a personal thing which you do for someone, and you have to love it and put your heart and soul into every wedding. I’m not motivated by making money from wedding photography, I just want to make beautiful photos for people that will last generations.

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I shoot a large variety of weddings, from elegant, to quirky, to industrial. This keeps it really fresh and exciting for me from a location perspective. I’m lucky that my first wedding was overseas, and since then I’ve been to most places around Europe and even further away. I love to travel and find new places inspiring to work out.

For destination weddings I’ve never found the process too different really. Everyone’s wedding story is different, and I have minimal interference during the whole planning process. As long as a couple want me at their wedding, I go with the flow for everything else!

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My favourite part of the photography process ….I always enjoy making the portraits, this is a time where I can add an extra level of artistry to to someone’s wedding. However it’s equally important for me to capture all the small things, the moments and parts of the day which the couple might not have seen. I concentrate so hard during the day it probably looks like I’m not enjoying myself, but I am! And I love the process of making the final set of photos in the computer.

For my wedding journey when we became engaged, I wasn’t actually a wedding photographer at that point, and we selected a family member who has been a photographer for 25 years. By the time we got married I was a wedding photographer, so naturally cared about it a great deal! He did a great job and I did all the post-production myself.

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My funniest story about being a wedding photographer has to be this year, I shot a wedding where the brides mother gave her sleeping tablets instead of pain killers for a headache! It wasn’t funny at the time of course, but I hope that they can laugh about it now

The best thing about being a wedding photographer is, it sounds the wrong thing to say, but making people cry (happy tears!) is the best part. When they see the end result and fall in love with everything all over again. Most people don’t really know how their wedding will look in pictures, so it’s an amazing feeling to bring happiness to people in that way.

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S6 Photography Services

I shoot natural, stylish and artistic wedding photography, anywhere in Europe (and definitely France!!). I have a specific style and way of documenting a wedding, and couples usually choose me for that reason. I’ve very unobtrusive on the day and prefer to blend in without causing a nuisance! I document the full wedding day, so couples get me from the morning right through to the peak of the dance floor action, as I want to be there for the best moments. Afterwards my couples get 500+ high resolution images for them to use as they wish, along with slideshows, an online gallery and a collection of prints. Couples have the option to buy an album after the wedding, should they wish.”

wedding photographer franceS6 Photography is available for photography services throughout France be sure to view more of Jon’s work on his

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