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Hands up who has been to Paris or who is planning a trip to Paris?  We had a memorable trip to Paris for our 5th wedding anniversary – and my only regret was that we didn’t have a photo session.  Whether visiting Paris for an anniversary, engagement or your wedding, those memories that are captured  on a camera really are priceless!

So with this in mind we have a Paris based Meet the Experts today as I am delighted to introduce Magdalena Martin Fine Art Photography.  Born in Sweden, Magdalena travelled the world before deciding to call her favourite city of Paris home.

I managed to get an exclusive interview with Magdalena between her shooting and editing in beautiful Paris.

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How did you become wedding photographer?

My passion for wedding photography started when I moved to Paris, it is one of the most beautiful places in the world to have your photography taken and I just love to take care of my couples and give them the most memorable day of their life.

I suppose that it is because of my passion for beautiful things.. and perhaps because the love for art runs in my family, I couldn’t tell you why for sure. But, what I can tell you is that I really love what I do… It is a true passion. “

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What skills do you think that it takes to be a fabulous wedding photographer?

You need to have an artistic eye for beautiful shots, a knowledge of the environment around you for the best backdrops that suits your special and unique couple. Fantasy, power of initiative and to have a good chemistry with your couple. Last but not least, a good Photography Equipment.”

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What type and locations of weddings do you shoot?

All over Paris, the bridges over Seine, Tour Eiffel, small streets, cafés, stairs, gardens, street photography, “movie-like” pictures, documentary, classic. I listen to my clients and their needs and we go from there 🙂 I know my Paris very well and the perfect locations for great photo sessions.

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How does working with a destination couple differ from a domestic couple planning a wedding in France?

“Not so much for me, we do Skype meetings before or meet in person a day or two before the photo shoot. We always have a lot of mail contact and so far I never had any problems with domestic couples who travel to France, it´s a plesaure!

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What is your favourite part of the photography process for a couple getting married in France?

“Before the photo shoot I like the planning of locations and to meet the couple in person the day before the photo shoot, get to know each other over a coffee or a drink in Paris, plan the last details for the photo shoot and look forward for the big day.  During the photo shoot the most exciting is to find the perfect spots for each unique couple on the way and I don´t even mind if it´s raining, that it self can make even greater pictures sometimes.”

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What is the best thing about being a wedding photographer?

“The freedom in my work and to meet all the love couples! I fall in love with all of them 🙂 And it is a great honor to be a part of their big day!”

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Tell us about your services

I´m a freelance photographer and also a photo artist. I do exhibitions and sell my photo art around the world

My name is Magdalena Martin. I was born in Stockholm, Sweden a summer´s day in 1972. And after many years of travelling to my favourite city in the world, I decided to move there and that´s how I ended up here, where I am now, Paris!  

Photography is my calling, my profession, and the thing that undoubtedly will drive me insane someday because I want to learn and develop more and more every day.

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I photograph people, weddings and the environment around me and I like to create a bit of a fantasy with my work and the photos I take. I wrestle with every image I shoot. I assume that perfection is possible and I want to wring it out of every picture. I see myself as an artist with a camera instead of a brush, and I have turned my passion to a lifestyle and I hope to continue doing so for many years to come.

When it comes to my service, you can book me from 1 hour only at the Tour Eiffel, or 5 hours around the city with many locations, or a full day from early morning to late evening. Everything is possible! Clients just need to email me their requests and I will send them the price list and different options.

I can also provide with a second photographer or/and a video photographer if the client needs.”

View more of Magdalena’s work on her website and email her to find about availability and prices for your Paris session.

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