Introducing Destination Wedding Videographer Jag from Story Cabin Wedding Films

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Happy Wednesday everyone, and today we are super excited to be able to open the doors of The Study to FWS vendor Jag, from Story Cabin Wedding Films.

Based in the UK, Jag is a destination wedding videographer who has shot in some wonderful locations include Auty, Lot-et-Garonne, Agel, Mouliets-et-Villemartin, Uzès & Grasse. So without further ado I am delighted to welcome into The Study, Jag.

How did you become involved in wedding films?

I started off as a photographer when my friend asked me to capture her wedding back in 2008. I found couples who were booking me as a photographer, wanted video too. Once I started offering videography, I quickly realised that this is where my passion really evolved. I felt that my story telling art really shone through moving footage rather than my work with stills and so I began to hone in on my ambitions to take my film creativity further. I immersed myself in learning how to be better, how to connect to my couples and how to create life long emotive wedding films.

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So I began mainly to film weddings and I found I was much more involved and enthusiastic in filming then taking stills. In May 2013 I decided to leave my full time job as a sales adviser in retail and pursue a full time career in creating wedding films!

What skills do you think that it takes to be a fabulous videographer?

I believe in connecting with my couples first and foremost is an important requirement. It helps me understand them as a couple and allows me to create the best story telling footage that engages their emotions. While technical knowledge and piecing the day together takes years of craftsmanship to build and is a continuous development process as technology changes, connecting with my clients is a skill that allows me to create the best work possible to meet their needs. I believe this is a key value and skill for the Story Cabin brand.

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Where has your videography services taken you across the globe/ France and for what type of weddings?

Our cinematic wedding video service has taken us to places like Italy, Belgium, Poland and more recently France. We have mainly been filming Civil & Church weddings, which we love to capture. South of France is particularly popular with couples from the U.K. We’re visiting places like. Lotet-
Garonne, Agel, Mouliets-et-Villemartin & Uzes this year.

Our last wedding in France was in Auty, at the beautiful Chateau Dumas. Natalie & Crawford had their outdoor ceremony in the woodland area just outside on the Chateau grounds. It’s a very picturesque and peaceful place and as a visual artist, I was spoilt for choice. Below is a short teaser trailer that was edited within 2 weeks of their wedding.

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Image Credit: Emil Boczek

How does working with a destination couple differ from a domestic couple planning a wedding in France?

Couples getting married in France tend to hire a wedding planner to ensure their requirements are met with ease. There is often a language barrier and a wedding planner can help translate to local suppliers. I also feel that, as a wedding film creative, couples who choose to have a destination
wedding pay much more close attention to and value the style of film, decor, photography, etc they want involved in their day. Couples marrying in their local town tend to organise everything themselves and sometimes are limited to recommended suppliers by their venues.

What is your favourite part of filming at weddings?

My favourite part is usually the morning preparations and the lead up to the ceremony. There is so much excitement, it’s very easy to just stand back and watch the day unfold. It makes filming everyone involved much easier. Anyone from the bride, groom, bridal party, parents etc are so involved with whats going to happen they forget I’m filming or capturing the day. This allows me to just be present in the moments and film what happens naturally.

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Image Credit: Emil Boczek

What is the best thing about being a videographer

The thing I love most about being a film creative is not only the joy my art brings to couples but the lovely feedback Story Cabin gets. Of course it can be stressful planning, sorting out equipment, travelling, editing the end product, but the memories we preserve and the happiness it brings our clients is the most rewarding thing about being a videographer. It makes all the long hard hours preparing, travelling, weeks of editing all the more worth it. That sense of feeling appreciated for your art is what keeps me passionate and wanting to create more for Story Cabin.

Below are some kind words from another couple who had their wedding at Bastide St.Mathieu in Grasse last May:

Natalie + Gordon:

If I could give it six stars I would!! Let me first say, up until the last minute we weren’t going to have a videographer at our wedding. I convinced myself it wasn’t worth the expense and a photographer would be enough. Enter Jag! I came across one of his videos of another wedding and was absolutely blown away at how cinematic it was. I contacted him and after a few WhatsApp messages back and forth I knew I had to have Jag as part of our wedding. On the lead up to the wedding his was so responsive to my (many) frantic messages, he reassured me of all my worries and we had an open dialogue so he knew exactly what I wanted. On the day I can honestly say I didn’t realise he was filming, but even when he was there I felt so relaxed around him that it wasn’t an issue at all. He was so discreet and professional and nobody felt under pressure or aware of the camera at any time. Despite there only being one of him, he managed to set up several cameras so our wedding was captured from several angles at a time so the finished product is so seamless and professional- I still don’t know how he does it.

As a person- well let me just say I now consider him a friend. All my guests commented how lovely and warm he was as a person, and he really is. I still talk to him now, months after the wedding!

Our finished product is more than we could have ever hoped for. The trailer somehow captured the vibe and the atmosphere of our wedding in a four minute timeframe, and it is a gift that we will always have and be able to show our children. The longer feature film and the real time edits of the ceremony, speeches and dances have also been watched hundreds of times and make me cry still!

Videographers are worth every penny, as they capture moments you will never see and enable you to relive your happiest moments.

Thank you thank you thank you Jag xxxx

Here is their cinematic wedding video which we loved producing:

You can read more of our reviews here

What 5 things are little know facts about you?

1. I used to working for a mobile retail company before becoming a wedding videographer
2. I can be a perfectionist at times, but then I need to remind myself that not everything is perfect and to just let go of things!
3. I’m husband to my wonderful & patient wife, Harsimran and a father of 2 beautiful children!
4. I love all things lemon. Lemonade, lemon cheesecake, lemon biscuits (yes they exist!) and more!
5. I never make more then one trip to the car to pick up anything from shopping, camera gear etc. I’d rather fall over, break an arm or leg than go back twice!

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Image Credit: Emil Boczek

Tell me about your services and packages

We offer bespoke packages to our couples. We realised not every couple are the same and so their expectations will differ. We have a base product we offer and then the rest are optional addons. When our couples watch our wedding films, they instantly imagine what their wedding film may look like. Of course every wedding is different and unique, and so we approach the filming in the same way. Our aim is to capture the couples personality, their family & friends personality and create a very personal and unique story. Its all about being present in the moment at Story Cabin.

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  • I had the pleasure of meeting Jag for the first time at Natalie and Gordon’s wedding at Bastide Saint-Mathieu in Grasse last year, and see that a portion of the ceremony I wrote and conducted for them is included in this amazing film. I agree totally with his value statement that “…connecting with my clients is a skill that allows me to create the best work possible to meet their needs.” It is what all wedding providers should strive to do, and he succeeds admirably.
    Natalie’s praise is so well-deserved, and I look forward to working with Jag again at Chateau Provence in Uzès in September!