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Connecting with wonderfully creative and inspiring people within the wedding industry is one of the best benefits of running French Wedding Style.  And I use the term “creative and inspiring” about the couple I am delighted to welcome you to today, in the next of our meet the experts post – meet Chris + Lynn Photographers.

Based in Los Cabos, Mexico, husband and wife wedding photographers CHRIS + LYNN bring their passion for life everywhere they go, and you can see this in the content below.

An Emmy-award winning team, their cinematic style defines their imagery. Story-tellers at heart, their work has won them international recognition, editorial features in dozens of publications, and the love of their clients. If you are looking for a wedding photographer in France or for your destination wedding anywhere in the world, be sure to read our exclusive interview today with CHRIS + LYNN.

How did you become wedding photographer?

chris plus lynn photographyLYNN: “It all started with our own wedding! Before that we were shooting for travel magazines & photographed all kinds of adventures from kayaking with whales to hiking on glaciers – we loved the thrill.  And to be honest back then we thought wedding photography was actually kind of cheesy. But that all changed when we finally said our own vows our beach ceremony on the island of St John’s. We realised that destination weddings – so full of emotion, excitement & beauty –  are actually the most thrilling story of all!”

CHRIS:  “My background is in the film industry and I never really had an interest in weddings until I got married myself. The first bride I actually photographed was my own. Lynn looked so beautiful on our wedding day, I got her to put on her wedding dress again the next day & shot her running around on the cobbled streets of San Juan on the first day of our honeymoon. People were yelling at her ’where’s the groom?’ and she just pointed to me – wearing my shorts, my Tilley hat and my camera. That was it – I was hooked.”

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How did you choose a photographer for your wedding day?

CHRIS: “Badly. We based our decision on price, did almost zero research, and just went the photographer who came with our package deal.”

LYNN:” And we got what we paid for – we got married on an island beach but most of our photos have a bush as a background instead of the ocean! But the silver lining of the bad photographer at our own wedding was it made us realise how beautiful, impactful, and emotional wedding photography should be.  It’s not just about documenting an event – it’s about capturing and creating images that make people feel. The experience inspired us to explore wedding photography as an art form.

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What skills do you think that it takes to be a fabulous wedding photographer?

LYNN: “Patience, being a great communicator, and a lot of energy! The ability to balance on a stone wall and wrangle a reflector while simultaneously directing a large wedding party can also come in handy!”

CHRIS: “Seeing the light. Seeing repeated events in a new way & from a new perspective. Seeing the shot in you want and knowing how to push the limits of your gear to execute it.”

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 What type and locations of weddings do you shoot?

CHRIS: “Our specialty is destination weddings – from an intimate elopement in Paris to an activity-filled wedding weekend with a hundred+ guests in the Loire Valley.”

LYNN:“Last month we shot in Spain – our 30th country. Creating images with a true sense of place is our specialty; we’re fortunate to work with couples who love travel and adventure as much as we do & who bring us to places all around the globe. Although we have to admit that France is a favorite destination – there is simply no place like it! And as our very first trip together, it holds a special place in our hearts.”

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How does working with a destination couple differ from a domestic couple planning a wedding in France?

LYNN: “Couples planning a destination wedding at a place they are not familiar with really rely on us as their photographers to scout & choose locations. They place their trust in us, to plan a photo itinerary that allows for the creation of images that will showcase not only their love & connection, but also the beauty of their destination.”

CHRIS: “And I think couples getting married in their hometown also count on us to see their wedding location in a new way. Our nomadic lifestyle – we spend our summers in Europe, fall & winter in Los Cabos, Mexico, and spring in our original hometown of Vancouver, Canada – allows us to constantly clear our palette and always see venues with fresh eyes.

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What is your favourite part of the photography process for a couple getting married in France?

CHRIS: “Creating a unique image that brings everything together – the couple’s love, a real moment, the beauty of the location – that gives me creative satisfaction and that I know the couple will cherish is always my favorite part of the wedding day.”

LYNN: “When shooting, I love doing bridals – they say the happy girls are the prettiest and capturing that is so much fun. After the wedding, sharing our favorite images – whether it’s on our own blog or in one of the many magazines or blogs our weddings are featured in – is always a great part of the process for us and for the couple!”

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What is the funniest story about photographing a wedding?

LYNN: “We recently photographed a wedding where the bride forgot to bring her panties – the look on the groom’s face when he found out what was beneath her gown was priceless.”

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What is the best thing about being a wedding photographer?

LYNN: “We once got a letter from a bride we photographed 6 years ago – a real handwritten one in the mail! – thanking us for the photos we took of her father who had recently passed away. She shared them at his funeral and also with her children as a way for them to “see his true spirit”. Knowing the images we take have a meaningful and long-lasting impact is really special.”

CHRIS: “Travel, freedom, the ability to be creative – those are all great aspects of being a wedding photographer. But I think the optimism of weddings – the hope & excitement of couples as they head out on this crazy adventure of marriage – being part of that at each ceremony is revitalizing.”

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Tell us about your services

Chris & Lynn: “We are storytellers at heart. And telling each couples unique story beautifully and authentically is what we do best. We are available for destination weddings around the world. From July through September, there are no travel fees for weddings in France. Ask us about summer specials for 2015.”

CHRIS + LYNN are available for photography services throughout France be sure to view more of their work on at

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