Celebrating 4 years of marriage

Today we are celebrating 4 years of marriage – happy anniversary my lobster x

As this is my first year writing the blog on my anniversary I did consider exactly what to write.  I could tell you all about my wedding day or how wonderful my husband is (which he truly is my best friend and biggest supporter) or how we have spent past anniversaries, but you don’t want to know all about that now do you???

Instead I thought I would look at the traditional 4th wedding anniversary gift and inspiration for this.  We have role reversal in our relationship when it comes to anniversaries, in that my husband always remembers ahead of time and buys thoughtful and innovative gifts.  I on the other hand I am brilliant when it comes to birthday gifts, but it is more likely to be me with the handmade card or gift at the last minute for our anniversary.

This has not been helped this year by the traditional 4th wedding anniversary gift being flowers or fruit!  Here is some visual inspiration for husbands and wives heading for their 4th wedding anniversary, especially if like me you are not very green fingered.

celebrating 4 years of marriage

Tiffany Garden Flower Ring


4th wedding anniversary gift

Danlye Jones Painting


lola marc jacobs perfume

Lola by Marc Jacobs

flower cufflinks 4 anniversary

Thomas Pink Flower Cufflinks

fourth wedding anniversary

Flowering Crabapple Bonsai

vintage rose jewellery

Jo Barnes Vintage – Audrey Hair Comb

** hint to husband I love the Audrey hair comb if you need any inspiration……

wedding choc dipped strawberries

Bride and Groom chocolate dipped strawberries

Wine is a fruit…..

vineyard tour france

Wine Tasting Experience Bordeaux

vintage wine wedding anniversary

2008 Ch. Gloria, St. Julien £225

Have a wonderful day and take time out not just on an anniversary or special occasion, to tell your partner how much you love and appreciate them.

Monique x x

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