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I am a great advocate of personalising your wedding as much as you can including your own taste and  It is no different with your wedding dress or outfit, but unless you happen to be a secret seamstress, it can be difficult to customise your wedding dress unless you have been involved in the design process. The range of bridal belts and sashes from luxury bridal accessory designer Olivier Laudus, offers you this option and they have decided to offer French Wedding Style readers the chance to save 10%!

bridal belt

Yasmine Belt

Olivier Laudus: “We decided to add these to the collection as we agree it is a great way for a bride to customize her dress and by adding their own personal touch in this way it means that even if you have bought a simple/classic dress but decide as you get nearer to your wedding day that wanted to jazz or liven up the dress you can do it. It also gives the feeling of having a couture dress – something unique to you by transforming a plain dress using a bejewelled sash and the different designs available mean you can either go for something quite bold and make a statement or keep it elegant and simple.”

bridal sash

Giselle Bridal Belt

bridal sash wedding dress

Gisele Bridal Belt

Bridal belts/sashes can be tied in a bow in the back of the gown or altered to be worn as a bridal belt. Your seamstress can easily shorten and sew the belt to your gown or add hooks, buttons or snaps to secure in place if you don’t wish to tie a bow in back.

vintage bridal belt

Adelina Bridal Belt

vintage bridal sash

Adelina Bridal Sash

The length of belts varies, but most are about 95 “ long and basically they come in one size and then need to be adjusted either by using bow tie or fastening to dress and cutting off any excess. Most are available in ivory or white and are a luxury satin material boasting diamante or pearl detailing or embossed designs.

The lovely people at Olivier Laudus are offering French Wedding Style readers an exclusive 10% discount using code MMariage10 until 31 August 2012, visit to view bridal belts product range and claim your discount.

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  • Hi Jane, we only have belts in ivory and white and would not recommend they are dyed as they are embellished and the dye might stain the pearls etc. Hope this helps. Thanks for looking at the collection x