Unexpected Destination Wedding Planning Questions

9 Unexpected Destination Wedding Planning Questions

You are planning a destination wedding – huge congratulations! – and you are sure to have a ton of Destination Wedding Planning Questions.  Whether you are using a wedding planner or not, even the most organised of couples can find it difficult to remember every last detail and to remember every question to ask.  So the FWS Team has put together the top 9 Unexpected Destination Wedding Planning Questions to ask.

1. Can I legally get married in France

A lengthy answer to this one, you can start my breading the first steps to getting married in France and then head over to The Study, where we cover this in detail.

2. Do I book the destination wedding in my maiden name or my new surname?

Much of this will depend on question 1 and if you have legally been married before you head to France for your wedding celebration. Remember that all reservations, flights and transfers need to be booked under the same name as your passport.   This also applies to Visas so if you are travelling for your destination wedding to a country which requires a visa or even for your honeymoon, this also needs to be done in the same name as your passport.

3. What do I do about guests post photos of my wedding before I’ve even done so on Instagram?

The truth is that we live in a digital age with Instagram and Facebook being key in people sharing their daily life.  So much so that it has become part of wedding etiquette to define what you would like your guests to do with images on your big day.

One option is to have a technology-free wedding, where you have beautiful signs made and specify that you do not want images posted on social media at all of the wedding. This does allow for you to control the feed of your wedding images, however you might want to see your guests’ photos.

One alternative is to ask your guests to copy their images to a blank CD, or upload them to Dropbox/ WeTransfer so that you can see and curate them.

4. Do I need to feed my photographer/ videographer/ band/ planner?

Many wedding professionals will actually have the eating arrangements in their contract, so always worth checking this first.  However from a non business point of view, your wedding team could be with you for up to 15 hours on your big day, and they are still human and will get hungry and thirsty.  So whether in the contract or not, it’s always worth taking care of your wedding professionals even though they are being paid for my their services.   You could work this out with the reception venue/ caterer beforehand or seat them at a table during the reception.

5. Can I take my wedding dress onboard a plane?

This could be a post in its own right.  However a couple of key steps, firstly to talk to your airline to see how they handle passengers with large but delicate items like wedding dresses. I’ve heard before that some will hand them up in the cabin, however I’ve also been on a lot of flights recently where regular luggage is being asked to be put in the hold due to volume and lack of space.  An option is to fly premium or first class as they have a front closet and this is where things are usually hung.

Next is to pack up your wedding dress in a garment bag and even ask your bridal boutique how best to do this.   You could even purchase a plane ticket for the dress, so it has it’s own space on the plane to rest comfortably without getting bundles up.

6. What confetti should I buy?

Confetti looks great in images, the very first thing for your wedding planner or yourself to check is whether confetti is actually allowed at your church or venue.  If yes, many will have a policy as to what confetti can be used and if you use one that hasn’t been specified, you can be liable to a cleaning charge.

And also considering if there might be a chance of rain, you don’t want a confetti that is going to stain your dress as the confetti gets wet and runs.

7. Is Destination Wedding Insurance really necessary?

This could be a really quick answer – YES!

Within any wedding you don’t know what might go wrong, add into that a destination wedding and you are really playing roulette.  Unexpected wedding emergencies from suppliers going bust to unforeseen wedding hiccups, if you haven’t already, get wedding insurance that specifically is made for destination weddings.

8. How much notice to I need to give my wedding guests for a destination wedding?

How much notice would you like if you were being invited to your wedding?  This is the rule of thumb that we advise couples.  Depending on the demographic of your guests, whether they need to include this as ‘holiday’ from their paid work and how much it is going to cost, the simple rule is the more the better when it comes to destination weddings.

9. How do I find my destination wedding professionals when I’m not based in the country?

Find a great resources that contains a variety of wedding professionals in your desired country.  At French Wedding Style we have the French Wedding Directory, where you can search through by area, all of the amazing vendors, visit their websites and view images of their work.

For non France weddings, they research and find other create resources that can assist you such as Hitched.au for Australia.

To find out more wedding planning tips, head over to The Study

9 Unexpected Destination Wedding Planning Questions on French Wedding Style

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