Wedding Gift Ideas: What About Bed Linen?

A gift that combines simplicity, quality and durability

Are you looking for a gift idea for a loved one who is getting married soon? You are looking for a gift that combines simplicity, quality and durability. It’s not so easy to find the perfect gift that will appeal to both the bride and groom.

In the inherent traditions of marriage, there is the making of the wedding trousseau. A key element in the life of a young woman. This tradition, which goes back to the nineteenth century, is in fact the set of personal linen of the bride-to-be.

The wedding trousseau includes her household linen, bed linen, and her lingerie, which the young bride must have in view of her marriage to complete her daily life as a wife.

The wedding trousseau symbolizes the life as a couple

The linen was embroidered with the initials of the bride, and it could even be transmitted from generation to generation. The wedding trousseau symbolizes the life as a couple, the family and also the couple’s intimacy.

Times are changing, and now only a few cultures have kept this tradition. In Western societies, some future brides and grooms prefer to talk about a wedding list and thus communicate their wishes to the guests.

Timeless and durable, bedlinen is a gift that suits the married couple, and offers them better nights of sleep, if it has been carefully selected beforehand.
The ideal is to select a high quality, simple and timeless bed linen. It can also be colorful. This way, you can make sure to offer a useful and qualitative wedding gift that will not risk being put in the closet.

Don’t hesitate to ask about the bride and groom’s bedroom in order to offer the perfect set that will perfectly suit the bedroom decor.

Sublimate the newlyweds bed but not with just any bedding.

We can’t say it often enough: Invest in good sheets! As La Chambre Paris says so well, a good day always starts with a good night’s sleep. That’s all the bride and groom need after all the festivities. To create a space in which you feel good, the choice of bed linen is an important step.

Luxury bed linen : La Chambre Paris

We were seduced by this small, family-run bedding company. The pieces are elegant, high quality and all have details to make the dreaded bed-making step easier. The products are designed in Paris and lovingly made in northern Portugal. This is probably the new benchmark in high-end, eco-friendly bedding. We dare you to find better in terms of commitment!

La Chambre Paris is a young brand founded by Alison Ross and Ian Benton, a couple and parents of 3 young children. By creating La Chambre Paris, Alison and Ian’s ambition was to develop high quality, and affordable bedding that respects the environment, the well-being of those who make it and the sleep of those who sleep in it.

The choice of bedding has a real influence on the quality of sleep. You must know how difficult it can be to find quality bed linen when there are hundreds of them on the bedding market.

Which material should I choose? At which price? Is the quality good?

Gifting bed linen can be a good way to spare the future couple this task which can sometimes be quite tiring.

La Chambre Paris has understood this issue very well. Indeed, the company offers its customers to wash their sheets and test them for 90 days. Then you are free to adopt them or to return them. This is the motto of La Chambre Paris. It’s a good compromise that assures you of the excellent quality of their products.

At La Chambre Paris, materials for all tastes.

Choose quality, durable bed linen that the bride and groom can use for many years. To combine comfort and quality, La Chambre Paris offers four ranges of luxurious products. These ranges are based on 3 different materials: French washed linen, cotton percale and cotton satin. Solid, soft and noble materials, which will satisfy everyone’s expectations.

The satin is very elegant, and has a pleasant, silky feel. It is also bright and gives the same feeling of sleeping in a hotel.

Percale is soft and light to the touch and has the advantage of staying fresh in all seasons.

French washed linen is soft and smooth in texture and has thermoregulatory benefits, keeping the body at the right temperature in all seasons. Moreover, it doesn’t need to be ironed, as it has the particularity of being even more beautiful with relief thanks to its French-grown fibres. A real time-saver!

In addition to the quality of the company’s materials, La Chambre Paris wanted to put innovation at the heart of its products by facilitating the dreaded moment: the installation of bed linen.
Indeed, on each item, you can find details such as:

  • Duvet cover ties sewn on the four corners of the duvet cover to prevent the duvet from slipping out of its cover.
  • “Long side” and “short side” labels sewn on the fitted sheets, to help you change sheets easily.
  • Each item comes with reusable pouches made of the same material as the linen ordered.

La Chambre Paris: A high quality bed linen but not only!

In addition to offering amazing quality products, the co-founders had at heart to produce eco-friendly ranges. Indeed, La Chambre Paris has chosen to be totally transparent, the only way to guarantee that their products respect a certain number of requirements as well as their customers’ wallet.

Therefore, the founders only work with one partner who shares their values. Also, the company does not use any intermediary or distributor. This is why La Chambre Paris is able to offer high quality, durable products at an unbeatable price.

Concerned about their ecological impact, the founders have selected the best partner to produce the best possible quality and in an eco-responsible way. The bed linen is designed in France, and more precisely in Paris. Everything is then manufactured in a factory located in Northern Portugal. A family business whose know-how has been proven for three generations, and uses environmentally friendly production methods.

Also, to support their desire to build a committed company, for every order placed with La Chambre, 10 trees are planted with the Eden association.

In addition, no plastic is used for shipping orders.


Finally, La Chambre Paris recycles all its old sheets. The company works with Emmaus, a French association that fights against poverty. The association collects sheets that have been returned by customers and are not resold.

You have no more reason to hesitate on the wedding gift, and we are confident that the brand will seduce the newlyweds!

This is a sponsored post by La Chambre Paris.

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