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wedding dress dilemma


I hope you have all had an amazing Christmas!! ! And Bonne Année et Bonne Santé as we say in France!

As I wrote this, I was getting ready for Siena’s 4th birthday, and the arrival of all my family, Spa day, hen/stag dos (with some fab props from Hen Box!), of course Christmas itself followed by wedding amazingness, brunch, etc… very, very exciting times!

Wedding planning took a back seat in December. However we have been fairly busy already since we became engaged last Christmas, and can tick off the following from our list:

  • Venue sorted out,
  • The venue has also agreed to cook for us even though they don’t usually provide this service in the summer season!
  • The Mairie isbooked and timing of the ceremony agreed,
  • Photographer booked,
  • Dress bought,
  • Bridesmaids dresses and most accessories bought,
  • Make up trial done!
  • Guests have been sent Save the Dates, and informed of accommodation details in the area via wedding website, so flights & bookings are already being made!
  • Florist found,
  • DJ found and booked.

All in all, we are pretty happy with how everything is going, and are happy that we can tackle the rest easily in 2015, even the whole “Dossier de Mariage” J

I have however been having a wedding dress dilemma … still! I had my second dress consultation the other week to see how to alter my dress to make it really me. When we left, I felt happy with what we came up with. But since then, I have gone back to worrying about it. I don’t feel it’s me. I worry Barry won’t like it. I worry it doesn’t look in any way like any of the dresses I absolutely love (!!) on Pinterest (the curse of Pinterest!). I feel as if maybe I’ve settled too soon, that there is better out there…. I do realise that there are so many styles, fabrics, lengths, etc when shopping for wedding dresses, that you could probably be trying dresses on for a lifetime and still not find a perfect one… Maybe?

Barry thinks I’m just worrying about it as I have nothing else to worry about at the moment. It’s true. I have previously been stressed upon realising that everything in my life was running far too smoothly! I drive myself (and Barry!) crazy!

But part of me thinks it’s more than that. I know what I am like. I work on instinct. Many of the major decisions in my life have been taken this way. I could not always explain my decisions. Only that each time, I knew deep down it was 100% the right thing for me to do. And I think that every time I made these decisions, things worked out for the best for me too. I feel a bit like that now. I still do not know 100% what my dream dress would be, although I have a vague idea. I just feel that I will never be 100% happy with my current dress… And this is my dilemma. Some friends say that they never truly found the “one”… Some said they fell in love with a dress and that was it. So what should I do?

SATC wedding dress

There is also a small voice in my head saying that it is only a dress. Ultimately the day will be about so much more than the dress. And everything else we have for the wedding is absolutely gorgeous, so no doubts there. But then I keep on feeling unsure about the dress so will that bother me on the day?

I am yet to decide whether to go back dress shopping, but I think it might help put my mind at rest if I do. Whether I end up sticking with my dress, or getting a new one…

Did any of you have similar dilemmas after you’d picked your dress?

Fiona xxx

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  • Yes, I am having this exact dilemma now – I know how you feel! Thanks to Pinterest I had some clear ideas about the kind of dress I wanted – A-line, capped sleeves & a detailed back. The dress I’ve bought doesn’t meet my criteria at all. When I tried it on I really liked it, and thought it would be a good ‘blank canvas’ to accessorise, but now I’m worried it’s too plain. The accessories are still a work in progress, so we’ll see. But with 10 weeks until my wedding part of me wants to ditch it and try to find something more perfect. I know it’s only a dress, but it’s also the ONLY wedding dress I’ll ever get to wear….

    • Hi Elle,
      How funny, that’s exactly what i said to myself about mine too: it’ll be a great blank canvas and I’ll accessorise it all up to make it me. But the more I think about it the more I feel it’s not quite right… Do let me know what you decide in the end! In any event, i hope you have a magical wedding day! My sister had her wedding last week so I am all loved up wedding wise 🙂