Real Bride Kim – Planning a wedding in France

Kim and Alex

Our real bride Kim is back and she is sharing the updates on her journey to planning a wedding in France.  As many of us know wedding planning can be tough, so here bride to be Kim shares where she is at…….

It is now around 8 months until our wedding day… eeek… and the realisation that ensuring our ideas become realities is starting to settle in.  It feels daunting that big decisions now need to be made, for example: do we have a band or a DJ? What will our favours be? Who will we actually invite? What will our first dance be?

We are very lucky to have our amazing wedding planner, Sarah, from And Then We Got Married guiding us through every step of the way as it can be very easy to become overwhelmed.

We have tried to keep calm and not discuss the wedding all the time as we are aware that it can take over.  We did make a pact that while on holiday this summer, when were with lots of friends and family we wanted to keep the wedding talk to a minimum, if anything we don’t want to give everything away before the day!

But what have we actually done?

Wedding Dress – I have finally said ‘yes to the dress!’

After several unsuccessful attempts to find the dress of my dreams, I decided to alter my approach to dress shopping (something had to change!)

Instead of heading to dress shops and then trying on pretty much anything and everything, I decided to find the dress that I liked and then head to a shop that stocked it.  That may sound easy but actually finding a dress, the designer, a shop relatively close by that stocks it and within a price bracket is quite difficult.

Anyway, after several evenings of scrolling through the Pinterest and dress shops, I found a dress that I instantly loved at Windsor and Eton Brides.  I immediately booked to go in and persuaded my mum to come to yet another dress shop!

Planning a wedding in France Windsor and Eton

Personally, I was really keen to make the wedding dress shopping experience something to remember and a special memory for my mum and I to share and I can safely say it was.

As we stepped into Windsor and Eton Brides we immediately felt welcomed and comfortable in their stunning shop.   We felt even more convinced that we were at the right place when they recommended and picked out the dress that I had actually intended to try on – it must have been fate!  I was desperate to try the dress on instantly and my mum and I were both smitten with it.   It did take me about a million questions and two more visits back (I promise I am not a bridezilla) to finally say yes to the dress but I am so pleased with it and cannot wait for it to arrive in store and to start the fittings.

After leaving Windsor and Eton Brides we had a bridal scenting appointment with Jo Malone who helped me pick out a wedding scent.  This is a personalised, free service where you even get a complimentary hand and arm massage.  In the end we went for more than just a wedding scent and also purchased a few more items in the collection – you only get married once eh!  Finally, we finished the day with a boozy meal and of course more wedding talk!

Planning a wedding in France Jo Malone

Stag and Hen Parties – our amazing Best Man and Maid of Honour have been busy planning the stag and hen parties.  We don’t really know too much about them, except that the hen will be in Marrakech and the Stag will be in the ski resort of Val d’Isere, we both cannot wait!

What is next? – We now want to start finalising the rest of the big bits including entertainment, transport, flowers and cake, so that we can focus on the personal touches that I think make a wedding day.  So fingers crossed I will have a more admin update for you in my next post!

Kim has had such a fun wedding planning journey so far and we have loved following along!

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