Belle Bride Kim – Happy New Year!

Kim and Alex

Our real bride Kim is back and she is sharing the updates on her journey to planning a wedding in France, and 2020 is the year she is getting married! Let’s catch up on what has been an exciting time….

And after a two+ year engagement I can finally say…IM GETTING MARRIED THIS YEAR!

Alex and I started the new year in Val d’Isere which is the ski resort where we met 10 years ago.  It seemed perfect that we started such a special year in the place where it all began!

So as we enter a New Year I wanted to reflect on everything that we have organised already and then with five months to go, what we still need to do…

So what have we done?


My Pronovias wedding dress is now at Windsor and Eton Brides and I am going in soon to try it on before the fittings will start, eekk!  I can’t wait to try it on again without all the bulldog clips!

I have also purchased my wedding shoes.  If I am being honest, I think I was looking forward to doing this more than the wedding dress shopping.  I viewed wedding shoe shopping as the opportunity to buy a shoe that was more expensive than normal but something that I could wear again after the wedding.  For me, there was no other designer than Jimmy Choo and now I am the very proud owner of a pair of wedding Choos!  I loved the whole experience of buying them, from the amazing customer service to sipping champagne as you are trying on. It was something I could definitely get used to!  I am so looking forward to trying the dress and the shoes on together soon!

wedding shoes

I have also purchased an Amanda Uprichard dress from Revolve for the civil wedding day.  As this will be in England in early April, I wanted a formal white dress that wasn’t too dressy, but still looked special and that would look appropriate come rain or shine and I don’t think I could have found anything more perfect!

I am now constantly on the search for ‘white dresses,’ ‘white jumpsuits,’ ‘white swimsuits’ and pretty much anything white for the other parts of the wedding – I am pretty sure my specialist subject is now white fashion pieces!

Then for suits, I think Alex and his groomsman will be going for Ted Baker, I love the linings which makes the pieces really unique, but he hasn’t completely decided – so I will keep you posted.


We have booked our wedding entertainment which includes Wedding Music France, who is a cellist.  She will play a prelude before the ceremony as well as music during the ceremony and the canapé reception.  We have been scrolling through her endless repertoire choosing songs that we would love to be played at different parts of the wedding day.  Then for the party afterward we have a DJ and saxophone combination.  Our saxophonist also plays at Folie Douce, which is one of our favourite bars in the mountains, so we are really excited to bring a piece of the mountains to our wedding day!


Flights and various transport arrangements are being booked!  Quite a few members of our family will be driving out and making a road trip of the journey stopping off along the way!  It is also incredibly useful that lots of people are driving as we have a lot of wedding bits and pieces that will need to be taken out too!  With work commitments, I will be flying out on Friday and meeting everyone there!


We have bought a lot of bits and pieces already (with more to come I’m sure!) to ensure that our wedding has a personalized feel but the majority of the décor will be from our wedding planner.  Sarah from And Then We Got Married has the most amazing collection of décor ranging from chandeliers to wine barrels.  I cannot wait to see how she styles all the pieces.  Being a bit of a control freak I feel very fortunate to have a planner who I have 100% faith in, which means that on the day I can totally relax and admire what she has created!

and then we got married


We were not sure about favours as lots of people have advised against doing them, however, we have opted to do favours.  Our favours are very personal to us, so we are hoping that again it will add another personal element to the wedding day. Not to give too much away, but there will be a bit of the mountains incorporated into our favours!


During Black Friday we ordered our confetti from Adam Apple who are a boutique store for bio gradable confetti and dried flowers.  Their service couldn’t be more helpful, you can pre-order and pay for your confetti months in advance and then it will be sent to you at the optimum and most convenient time before your wedding.  We have opted for a mixture of freeze-dried Lyo Hydrangea and dried Lavender buds which should smell divine and goes with our theme perfectly.

So what do we still have to do?

Helping my Mum with her outfit choices

Organising transport to and from the venue for guests

Ordering a wedding cake

Purchasing wedding bands

Go on my hen do in February!

And probably lots, lots more that I have forgotten!

Kim has had such a fun wedding planning journey so far and we have loved following along!

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