Bride Caroline – A New Date Confirmed!

Bride and Groom kiss in front of aged green copper roofed building in garden

After a very uncertain year and more than two months on from their original wedding date, real bride Caroline and her partner Chris are excited to share that their new wedding date has been confirmed…

Sorry for not having given some news of Chris and I earlier but because of the COVID-19 crisis, we have been in a state of uncertainty for some time.

We are now two months on from our original wedding day and we are still #NotMarried 🤷‍♀️

Indeed like many other couples, our wedding got postponed 😩.

However, we have been really lucky because our wedding location (Chateau de la Garde en Provence) proposed us a great new date: Saturday 19th of September 🎉 !

Indeed I was SO afraid to have to marry on a weekday during Autumn/Winter.

Now let’s hope that the Coronavirus 2nd wave doesn’t come to mess up our plans again 🙈

As you can imagine, it has been a huge fuss to reorganize everything but in the end we came out of it pretty good as all our guests are available for the new date and all our wedding providers are as well, except for our video-photographer and my hair stylist, oops! 😬

So I found myself contacting again the providers that I contacted almost 2 years ago, which we liked but were either not available for our original wedding date or were too expensive (yes, Coronavirus was not so good for our budget planning 🙈).

This is how I found our new video-photographer, Daniel Pelcat who was available for us this time! We directly jumped on the occasion as we love his work, he is a highly talented photographer who has won a lot of prizes (Fearless, ISPWP, WPJA).

Daniel also works with videographers so we naturally passed by him to find ours as we find it very important that the photographer and videographer are used to working together in order to not inconvenience each other while working.

This is also how I found my new hairstylist: Smahane who is also available for me this time while she was not for the 20th of June.

So in the end our wedding won’t be exactly as it was originally planned but hopefully all small changes will be for the best, as it has demanded a lot of work to re-plan everything, it was a bit like doing it all over again 🤪

We also validated our cake designer who from our point of view is clearly the best of the region. We can tell because we tested 5 different cakes and hers were above all the others. Her name is Gladys from Les délices de Gladys and she gave us great advice regarding choice of cake flavours, design, shape and the tasting was just divine 😋

To inform our guests about our “change the date”, we didn’t send a new invitation via post but we did it digitally via WhatsApp/email. As we are having a destination wedding, we also let them know about the possibility to change their flights and hotel bookings for free, thanks to the new governmental measures in place in the framework of the COVID-19 crisis.

After being fixed on our new wedding date, we have been working on choosing, customizing and ordering the rest of our wedding stationery still in the “Jardin Anglais” collection from Cotton Bird. They have so many pretty things 😍. Church leaflets, flower petal cornets, menus, wedding favour boxes, name tags, table plans etc. All in the same style as our wedding invitations 🤗

Ordering the rest of our wedding stationery a bit later has allowed us to have the right date on them because for some other items, unfortunately the 20th of June 2020 is already engraved e.g. on our wedding welcome sign 😂🙈.

This is why for our wedding rings, we asked our jeweller to wait as long as possible before engraving them! As written above, we are still worried about the 2nd COVID-19 wave…

But we cannot live in the incertitude forever so most of the time we act like nothing will stop us anymore and we are convinced that our wedding will finally take place on the 19th of September 2020.

Currently I am having my wedding dress getting adjusted to my body. I went to the fitting with my Jimmy Choo wedding shoes (Misty 10 😍) so the dress can be adjusted accordingly. I bought a 2nd pair of more comfortable shoes in case I do not hold on the Jimmy shoes all evening, they are wedges from Castañer with the exact same height so the length of the dress stays ideal whatever shoes I am wearing.

Oh, and with the Corona crisis and all our misfortune, we also felt like we needed to cheer us up a bit so we have been a bit less careful with the wedding budget. For example we now booked a Gospel group for the Church, which was not planned at all, surprise surprise!

Still open tasks on our side:

  1. Order our wedding favours from Shanty Biscuit
  2. Make a list of pictures we want to do
  3. Make a list of music we want to have at the Church, during the cocktail but also for the party. As we are a German/French wedding, we will need to provide some German songs to our French DJ. Especially some Oktoberfest songs as we come from Munich!
  4. Decide on the staging of our table plan
  5. Write our speeches
  6. Finish to re-plan our Honey Moon (yes this also has been postponed…)

In the end I think the engaged couples of 2020 are now experts in wedding planning as they didn’t have to plan 1 but 2 weddings in a row 😂

I am going to finish today’s wedding planning update with a picture from our civil wedding which took place in Munich on the 7th of August. We had 20 guests i.e. our close family and witnesses.

We had a wonderful “champagne and petit-fours” afternoon followed by a delicious dinner at a restaurant. The weather was wonderful and everyone was very happy to have a small teaser of our future religious big fat wedding in Provence 😉

Even if it was a small party, it still required some organization like a civil wedding dress (Maje, bought on Vinted) – don’t they say that you need something “borrowed”? 😂 – a suit (Hugo Boss), flowers, venue, menus etc.

And as we also had to postpone our civil wedding because my parents who come from France wouldn’t have been able to travel to Munich due to the borders which were closed until the 15th of June, we also had to change our civil wedding party location 🤦‍♀️

Now we cannot wait to live the 2nd part of our wedding that we have been planning for so long!!

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