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Caroline and Christopher

It’s another chance to catch up with real bride Caroline who in her own words has found the PERFECT floral decorator!

I cannot believe that already 2 months have passed since my last article, the time is flying and our wedding day is approaching dangerously: only 6 months left by now ! Tic tac tic tac…😱🙈

However, within those last 2 months, we have been able to tick off one of the big TO DOs from our wedding list as we have found THE PERFECT floral decorator !!

The name of the shop is “L’Art qui Pousse“ and like almost all of my other wedding providers, I found her on Instagram. Everything she does is just gorgeous, I never saw anyone working with flowers as she does😍 ! And, she has been working with some very famous French wedding planners like Elodie Villemus. I, therefore, contacted her immediately and after some exchanges via email, the composition of a Pinterest inspirational board and a first quotation, my fiancé and I seized the occasion of traveling to the south of France during our Christmas holiday to meet her. The visit took place in her atelier and was really useful as we could see all the decorative items that she would use for our wedding (the vases for our table centers, the candlesticks, the napkins and plenty of other accessories that would be available in order to answer the least of our craziest wedding decoration desires 🤪). We also discussed the nuance of colors that we wanted for the flowers and decorative articles on our wedding as we would like to use a mix of dusty rose, pastel rose, powder rose, blush rose etc., You can imagine how delighted was my fiancé 🤦🏻‍♂️😂.

As you know already from my previous article, the floral decoration will have an important place on our wedding day and this is why finding a florist of trust was really important for me. Now I can rely 100% on her because I absolutely love everything she does 😍. I am SO looking forward to discovering the Château de la Garde on our wedding day and see the magic that she will have done with the floral decoration (especially the suspension above our honor table 🤗).

She should also be decorating the Church on our wedding day but it is not sure yet because, believe it or not, before Chris and I say “Yes” at 4pm at the Church, there will be two other weddings just before ours (one at 2pm and one at 3pm) and there is absolutely NO time to change the decoration of the Church between each of our wedding (whaaaaat ??!! 😱😱😱) The Priest was comprehensive and therefore gave me the contact details of the two other brides in order us to agree on a common decoration which will be used for our three weddings (good luck with that 😉). Of course, as each of us has her own florist, we haven´t decided on which one we will take for the Church decoration yet. The current status is that we are exchanging with each other’s about our decoration wishes, our color themes and our different florist quotations but we haven´t reached any decision yet. More in the next episode…

Apart from that, there has been an unexpected development since my last article: we decided at the last minute to change the design and the provider of our wedding invitations! This happened because the website put out its 2020 wedding invitation collection at the end of November and we totally fell in love with their design named « Jardin Anglais ». We also felt like it was our destiny because we live in Munich where there is a huge inner-city park called “the English Garden”. On top of that, they had a promotion weekend with -25% discount at the beginning of January so for us it has been THE decisive factor and we spent almost 48 hours straight on our computers designing our wedding invitations (again 😅), thinking about the exact wording in French / in German, rethinking one last time the exact planning of our wedding day etc. We took this task very seriously because once the invitations are ordered, there is no way to do any change after 😬.

Bride Caroline THE PERFECT floral decorator 0001

But now it’s done and we expect to receive our wedding invitations any day soon ! 🎉

By the way if you also would like to order your invitations on, they created a special promo code for the readers of French Wedding Style which grants you a 25% discount, it is “FRENCHWED” (valid until 08.01.2021).

In the end, I think that if it took us so long to finalize our invitations it was because we weren’t fully satisfied with our previous choice and therefore the motivation was not really there either.

So once again we realized how important our feelings are toward each wedding item i.e. if we are not 100% happy and sure of our choice, somehow we cannot proceed…

To conclude, if I would have one piece of advice for today’ article regarding the organisation of your wedding: follow your HEART !!

Oh and btw, Happy New Year 2020

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