Bride Caroline – Update on planning a wedding in France

Caroline and Christopher

Today we are catching up with our real bride Caroline planning their June wedding in France.  At this current time, things are changing everyday with Coronavirus, which means the post Caroline is sharing was up to date when writing.   However, like many of you, will be changing daily.   If you are planning your wedding in France, check out our post on how Coronavirus could impact your wedding day.  

I thought I have imagined everything which might go wrong on our wedding day but I have to admit that the Coronavirus crisis has come above my worst nightmares 😱.

My fiancé and I are currently crossing our fingers that we will be able to celebrate our wedding as planned. At the moment, we are confined at home, family reunions are forbidden, but hopefully soon everything will get back in order and we will be able to marry as expected.

In the meanwhile, let’s stay optimistic and let me share with you what we have been up to…

Decoration of the church: the two other brides and myself have come to an agreement regarding the style and colors and the contract has been finalized with our wonderful decorator florist L’Art qui Pousse (

Wedding invitations: they have all been sent and most of our guests already confirmed their presence on our wedding website. Deadline for the RSVP is the 1st of April so in the end our guests got around 2 months to give their answer which I think is a reasonable time even if we would have wished to send them earlier as we are having a destination wedding.

Wedding dress: it has finally arrived (it took around 4 months to be produced and received) and I have an appointment to the tailor on the 6thof May to make it fit perfectly to my body which I hope will not have suffered too much from the ongoing confinement at home ! 🙈

I also started to search for shoes and accessories as I need to have all of this ready for the fitting appointment on the 6th of May. For this, online shops are really great as most of them allow you to order and send back for free which has been really useful especially while ordering some way to high heels 😂 ! Indeed, as I need to hold the full day and to rock the dancefloor all night long, I have said to myself that 7-9cm heels would be the maximum height allowed. Regarding the wedding accessories I felt in love with the jewels from Twigs and Honey

Wedding suit: still not ordered…, my fiancé is having real difficulties to choose one among the many options available: the style, the cotton, the color etc. but I keep hope that he will make a decision, that the shops will re-open soon and that the suit will be produced before the wedding !🤞 Unfortunately, I cannot help him too much because I would like to keep it as a surprise for me (to his great despair 😩).

Wedding dance opening: we have subscribed to some dancing lessons in “weekend workshops” format but we have now changed for a private teacher because several of our weekend workshops have been canceled due to too fewer participants and we were not able to proceed. We have now chosen a song and a choreography that we found online and hopefully our private teacher will help us to master it in no time !

Caterer: we have done our degustation together with my parents at the end of January and it was a lot of fun ! The degustation was quite a challenge as we had to taste 20 appetizers, 4 starters, 3 main dishes and… 5 cakes !! We also tried some champagne and wines but at the moment we are still hesitating between taking their beverage package which would allow us to not care about anything on this side regarding quantities etc. or, ordering everything by ourselves, which could allow us to do some savings. Currently we are still simulating everything in Excel and we should be able to take a decision soon. We would like to have a “cocktail des mariés” for the aperitif as well as a cocktail bar for the party. Therefore it takes a lot of time to make sure that we took all alcohols and softs into consideration but, the most difficult is to guess what and how much people will actually drink. To help us in the simulation I have checked some specialized websites like Winedding

Make-up artist: I found mine while browsing Instagram,   As you know I have been using this social network a lot to find providers and ideas for our wedding. She has been working at MAC Cosmetics which is for me a sign of excellence. I have appointment with her for a trial at the beginning of April but it will probably be shifted as I cannot leave Germany for an undefined period of time. She asked me to prepare some pictures of make-ups that I would like to wear on my wedding day so I am currently gathering some bridal make ups in a Pinterest board and will discuss all with her during the trial.

Hair stylist: again I found her on Instagram I absolutely love her work for bridal hair styles and how she succeeds to make a gorgeous voluminous hair bun with even the finest hair ! I have also scheduled a trial appointment with her at the beginning of April but it will probably also be postponed due to covid-19 😷. In the meanwhile I am gathering plenty of bridal hair styles in a Pinterest board as I still have no idea about what I want exactly (free hair, hair bun, half free hair) but this is exactly why we have this trial, that I can test everything I have in mind and chose then. In addition I am planning to wear some hair jewels that I am currently searching on Twigs and Honey

Other than that we still have a lot of to-dos (to be precise 93 !! 🤦‍♀️) to tick off from our Wedding planning app ( we have been using Wedbox wedding planner. This app is really useful and you can share it with your fiancé. They also offer a photo app which we have asked our guests to download in order them to share all the pictures that they will be taking during our wedding. Itis kind of a live shared private album.

Among our open to-dos you can find a lot of things to order like wedding guest favors, photo booth accessorizes, various decoration articles, wedding ring box, wedding day stationery, welcome sign but also playlist to establish with our DJ and with our band for the cocktail, table plan staging, write our vows and our speeches and, and, and…

So this is why I have to stop writing now and go back to my never ending to-do list!


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