Bride Caroline – I Bought my Wedding Dress

Caroline and Christopher

Today we are catching up with real bride Caroline who I’m delighted to say can shout “I Bought my Wedding Dress”.  Caroline & Christopher are getting married in June 2020 at Château de la Garde.

So lets hand straight over to Caroline…

I’m very happy to announce that my wedding dress is BOUGHT !

I have started to look for THE dress in March 2019 already because my girlfriends and I seized the occasion during one of our « girls weekends » when my fiancé Christopher was out of town. From my side I would have waited a bit to start with wedding dress fittings but my girlfriends were really excited to see me trying some dresses, to give their mind about it (or better to say, to play the judges 😉) and to finally say « YES » to the dress !

However, it was not such easy as we are used to see it on TV shows, at least for me…

Indeed, all wedding dresses are wonderful, all cuts are gorgeous (even the mermaid one for which I was not so excited about at the beginning) and… the most tricky part, they are all white ! 😂🙈

I think in the end I must have tried more than 70 dresses in Munich with my girlfriends and in Marseille with my mother but I never had THE moment were I start to cry and say to myself « that’s it, that’s the one! ». Unfortunately, for me it took several months 🤷‍♀️

In retrospective, it was good to start the fittings in March already with the 2019 collections because it gave me some time to process everything and to get a more precise idea of what I want, what fits the best, which budget etc. I also learned a lot of wedding dress tips while talking with the sellers regarding the best timing to order, the pros and cons of each cut & material in regards of comfort and look, etc.

After a summer of reflection I went back to do some fittings in October of the 2020 new collections which just came out. I knew that there was no more time to waste as in general you have to consider about 6 months to get your wedding dress ready (around 4 months production, 1 month to receive it and again 1 month for the tailoring). This is why with our wedding being in June, I had to find a dress before the end of the year absolutely !

In March 2019 we visited 4 shops and then in October we visited the same ones plus 4 additional ones but in the end, it is one of the dresses that I already tried in March who « won » 🎉. Indeed, I have been thinking about THIS ONE dress since months, so I was really happy that it was still the outstanding one, even after trying the 2020 new collections. It has (btw) nothing to do with my initial Pinterest wedding dress inspiration board 😂

Regarding the several fittings I did, we had some good and some bad experiences depending on the shops. Sometimes you have a good feeling with the seller but sometimes it is not the case and in the latter I would recommend to just pass your way ! You need to have good sensations when you think about your wedding dress in general, there should be no single black spot, it is SO important !

We had some « funny » experiences as well like sellers who kept the brand of the dress secret or who did not want us to take pictures. I also saw shops which make you pay 100€ for the first fitting, « allo ?!». I really cannot understand those commercial strategies…

One advice from my side is to open  your mind regarding brands and budget, as you might find your wedding dress among a designer from whom you never heard about and for a really good price, e.g. far away from the 2500€ Pronovias dresses you had in mind originally 😉 So YES there CAN be nice budget surprises during the wedding planning as well 😇

Oh… there is one last « funny » thing: while taking my body measurements before ordering the dress in the appropriate size, we had two choices, either to order one size « too big » and then to have to cut a bit everywhere or…, to order the « right » size which is perfect everywhere, except that I would have to loose 1cm of waist measurement. Guess which option we went for …? So there it is, one more challenge until the wedding day, reach the 66 cm in waist 🤦‍♀️😅

As we just came back from our « pre-honey moon » holiday in Mauritius , I will wait a bit before to measure myself again 😂

pre honeymoon holiday

So talk to you in a couple of months to see where I am with my « 66cm challenge », now sorry but I have to rush to the gym 😂🤗


P.S. wedding invitations are still not sent out 🙈, we have started dancing lessons for our ball opening, the Priest already gave us some “homework“ for the wedding sacrament preparation and appointment for food tasting with the caterer is planned for February 😋

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Top Image by Furtive Photographie