Bride Caroline – Weddings Plans

Weddings Plans

I am very happy to share with you today that FINALLY weddings are allowed again in France without any restrictions. Starting from the 1st of July 2021 and as our 3rd wedding attempt is the 7th of August, it is just perfect!

Finally a bit of luck for our weddings plans😉

I therefore contacted again all our wedding providers to go over all what was agreed and finalize the last details:

In addition, to prevent ourselves from the 4th COVID wave, we are currently checking who of our guests are fully vaccinated and we will ask those who are not to take a COVID test within the 48 hours before our wedding.

The sanitary details are now a real new item on the wedding organisation check list, there was not enough before or what?! 🙈

Still open on our to do list are:

  • Meet with the DJ to discuss the ambiance of the party
  • Find a baby sitter who speaks German for the 4 little ones that we will have as wedding guests. I am really struggling with this item as German speaking baby-sitters are not such common in South of France but I don’t loose faith!
  • Finalize the decoration items that we are doing by ourselves (Church leaflets, table plan scenery, photobooth articles, straw hats garland, basket with straw fans, candles etc.)
  • Make a planning sheet for the D-day with who does what and when (e.g. witnesses distribute confetti cones while exiting the Church, Daddy goes to the location in the morning to set-up the exterior decoration etc.)
  • Write an email to all our guests 2 weeks before the wedding with a reminder regarding the last details which they can anyway also find on our wedding website
  • Write an email to all our wedding providers the week before the wedding to make sure that we all have the same understanding regarding prestation and timing
  • Write our speeches and vows
  • Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse our ball opening dance!!

I think that in the end we have done everything and even beyond to have the weddings plans that we wanted, the only concession we made was regarding the wedding decoration for our guest cars. This is something that we decided not to do, I hope that this won’t cause too much disappointment among our guests.

Other than that we should be good and I’m looking forward to our dreamed wedding to finally happen after 2 years and a half of preparation/cancellation/re-preparation/re-cancellation etc.

My wedding dress has been waiting for me all this time and I cannot wait to end my “future bride” diet 😂

Now we just have to pray that everyone stays healthy and that the weather is beautiful. So we can all enjoy the huge pool of the Château de la Garde during the brunch on Sunday.

Attached are some pictures of our 1st Honey Moon in Greece, we are now looking forward Honey Moon part II in Venice 🤗😘

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