Modern Parisian Elopement

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Early morning streets of Paris

Kristina and Sofiane from Let’s Run To The Sun share with this us today this chic Parisian elopement in the early morning streets of Paris. This elopement shoot captures the unique and carefree nature of the couple and showcases Let’s Run To The Sun’s genuine eye for epic wedding photography…

“When we planned this modern urban Parisian elopement, we were thinking only about how we would highlight the couple in beautiful Parisian streets with the Eiffel Tower in background.

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The city of Paris talks for itself and we wanted to create the connection between the city and the couple walking, running and strolling around the streets as it was any other day. That’s what we want for love to be, every day anywhere.

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There is no other city so powerful and unique in a romantic way as Paris so it was important for us to wake up the city with the couple. Their energy, crazy, sweet and romantic love. Oh gosh, we were thrilled with emotions that people gave us while shooting around. No people were immune to this cute couple and their sweet escape for elopement.

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The photo shoot started at the Eiffel Tower and we stopped for a coffee in a café bar, so typically French. After that. We continued in small and less known streets for tourists. We want you to know that you can create your own Universe anywhere in the world. In a city with millions of residents or in the mountains, you should do only thing that are meaningful to you.

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Perfect Parisian Elopement

So, If we should describe the perfect Parisian Elopement, it would be just like this. Strolling around the city in the early morning, admiring architecture and decor of this beautiful city. Absorbing the smell of first croissants and coffee behind every corner. We wanted this elopement to be modern, foolish, romantic and urban because that’s how we see this city.

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The florists who deserves all credits for flowers are Arts Embaumés who do magic and no ordinary decoration. If you are searching for atypical bridal bouquets and decoration for your wedding day, you cant trust them completely. This bouquet was made with a mix of fresh and dry flowers and some of them florists took from their own garden. Jjust imagine how unique this bouquet it is. We love their creativity!

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A City Stroll

The dress was just following this idea, being in the city, strolling around all comfortable as you can be as a bride. The wedding dress was easy for bride to walk through the city and still she looked amazing. The wedding dress is designed by Maité Bailleul, bridal designer from Lille who has big experience in fashion and wedding industry.

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We are so grateful to amazing talents we teamed up with for this shooting and their ideas. Do not miss checking them out!”

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Modern Urban Parisian Elopement Snapshot

Collage of Modern Urban Parisian Elopement

Modern Urban Parisian Elopement Vendors

Photographer Let’s Run To The Sun | Florist Arts Embaumés | Dress Maite Bailleul

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