Once Upon a Time at Chateau D’Oche: A Fairytale Wedding

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Vendor Feature: Chateau d’Oche

A Dream French Chateau in Dordogne

Katie and Alex selected the charming Chateau D’Oche, located in the Périgord Vert, a region known for its lush forests and medieval villages. This chateau, which has been beautifully restored, offers the perfect mix of historical beauty and modern comforts, nestled in the scenic Dordogne area. It was the ideal spot for a fairytale wedding, surrounded by the natural beauty of the French countryside, this couple coming from the UK had their dream wedding come true.

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The Couple’s Magical Day

The couple’s wedding day was nothing short of magical. With Alex’s French heritage as their inspiration, they embarked on planning their dream wedding in France. The support and love from their close friends and family were pivotal, especially in overcoming personal challenges leading up to the wedding. The bride, radiant in her Pronovias “Lynn” gown, felt like a princess, and the day was filled with personal touches that made it uniquely theirs. From the heartfelt speeches, including the bride’s touching attempt at French in honor of her late father, to the serenade for Alex and a choreographed first dance, every moment was imbued with love and personal significance.

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Elegant Simplicity in Design

The design of the wedding was a testament to the beauty of simplicity, with the chateau itself being the centerpiece of the day’s aesthetic. The majestic backdrop of Chateau D’Oche, combined with the natural beauty of hydrangeas, added an unparalleled charm to the event. Minimal decorations, such as a few strategically placed flowers and fairy lights, allowed the inherent beauty of the venue to shine through. This approach ensured that the chateau’s grandeur and the couple’s joy were the day’s main highlights.

Cherished Memories Captured

The day’s beauty and the couple’s emotions were captured by David, a close friend and talented photographer from Modern Vintage Weddings. His ability to capture the sincere emotion of the day resulted in photographs that the couple will treasure forever. These images hold even greater value as they preserve the memory of loved ones who have since passed away, ensuring that the joy and love of that day will be remembered for years to come.

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This fairytale wedding at Chateau D’Oche was a beautiful celebration of love, blending elegance with personal touches that highlighted the couple’s journey together. It stands as a testament to the timeless charm of French chateaus as venues for unforgettable weddings.


Vendors List

Planner: Julie Pawsey | Photographer: Modern Vintage Wedding | Venue: Chateau D’Oche | Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Brides Dress:    Pronovias | Catering: Les Pradines | Hair: Lulu London  | Bridesmaids Dress: Asos

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