A Literary Themed Wedding Between Two Book Lovers

Chateau de Baronville, France

If you have a true love of books, you will know that something magical happens inside their pages. Something magical also happens when you fall in love, and what better way to celebrate this magic than incorporating your love of the literary on your wedding day?

Photographer Aude from Aude a Deux Ailes talks us through a real life fairy-tale photoshoot at Château de Baronville that has done just that…

Cream interior entrance hall of Chateau de Baronville, France

Groom in blue waistcoat reads under tree

Bride in short white dress approaches groom in blue waistcoat reading under tree

Bride in short white dress and groom in blue waistcoat embrace outdoors

“This styled shoot is called “Literary Nuptials” and took place in Château de Baronville, Eure-et-Loire in France.

For this styled shoot, we wanted to create a beautiful story, and we emphasized the storytelling. The story we wanted to tell was that of two lovers, Lydia and Charly, in love with each other but also in love with books.

Closeup of brides hand with wedding ring holding arm of groom in blue waistcoat

Groom lifts bride into the air as she kicks heels behind her

Bride and groom walk away from camera towards willow trees outdoors holding books

interior hallway of chateau de baronville, france

Book lovers Lydia and Charly meet together on the morning of their literary themed wedding to share a few special moments of reading before the celebration of the wedding. Because the year 2020 was marked with challenging times, it mattered to us to put forward the smiles of this young couple, the authenticity of their commitment and the depth of their emotions.

Book case inside Chateau de Baronville

Groom in blue waistcoat looks at bride in mirror

Bride and groom dance on parquet floors in Chateau de Baronville, France

Bride and groom embrace at a piano

The Château de Baronville was a perfect wedding venue to create a fairy-tale universe.

Groom gets ready and puts on blue suit jacket

The organizers, Aude from Aude a Deux Ailes and Maria de Lourdes (“Malu”) from Emoove Paris, had to rise to the challenge of organizing this styled shoot in only 45 days, and it was their first time organising a shoot at this scale.

Groom walks down hallway of Chateau de Baronville in blue suit

Close up of brides legs in gown and shoes

Bride puts her dress on for first time for her literary themed wedding

Bride is ready with bouquet and veil over face for literary themed wedding with her book lover

What Aude and Malu are the proudest of is that they reunited a team of “young professionals” in the wedding world. Some of them are just beginning in this industry: Sainthya from Details Depres, for instance, had just completed her training by the time of the shoot and Aude, the photographer from Aude a Deux Ailes, launched her business less than two years before. All the members of the team are “young” in the world of weddings, but they are all passionate about their work, and very willing to go far.

Two book lovers meet on the stairs of Chateau de Baronville for literary themed wedding

Wedding ceremony set up in the gardens of Chateau de Baronville, France

Closeup of brides pastel pink and white rose bouquet

Bride and groom hold hands in front of celebrant in literary themed wedding

Shooting in Château de Baronville was such an opportunity for all the team members that they produced a tremendous work. Starting with the idea of shooting only two dresses, we ended up shooting three, which multiplied the variety and aesthetic potential of the shoot.

Bride and groom pose in front of white rose arbour outside Chateau de Baronville, France

Couple seated by white rose arbor outside Chateau de Baronville France

Bride looks back at camera over shoulder holding white and pink rose bouquet

Bride and groom book lovers seated on stairs after literary themed wedding at Chateau de Baronville, France

It intensified the organizing work, but in the end it enriched the storytelling by far, so that we could show the three distinct moments that make a wedding day: a slower-paced morning, the ceremony afternoon, and the dinner.

Bride and groom kiss on juliet balcony

After literary wedding nuptials have finished the bride and groom walk the white halls of Chateau de Baronville arm in arm

Close up of bride with hair in bun and off shoulder white dress

Bride walks away from camera in three quarter length gown and golden heels

You may wonder if Lydia and Charly are lovers in real life. Not in the slightest! But a true alchemy was born on the styled shoot day, and both of them were natural and enabled us to take pictures in which they look like real partners.

Wedding table at literary themed wedding between two book lovers inside Chateau de Baronville, France

bridal table set up in pastels inside Chateau de Baronville France

Close-up of groom in watch kissing brides hand

Groom stands behind bride at Bridal table and touches her shoulder

You may also wonder if the wedding cake was a real one. Definitely yes! And we may assure you that the whole team appreciated the feast at the end of the day. Beyond pretty pictures that came out of it, the wedding cake gave everyone a big moment of celebration at the end of this intense journey.

White one tier wedding cake with pastel real flower decorations

Bride and groom cut cake and stand together by windows in Chateau de Baronville France

Closeup of bride and grooms hands cutting cake

Slice of white wedding cake at literary themed wedding between two book lovers at Chateau de Baronville in France

That reminded us that a styled shoot is not only created for beautiful pictures, but above of all to create human links between professionals of the wedding world and inspiration for brides-to-be to imagine their big day.”

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A Literary Themed Wedding for Book Lovers Snapshot

A Literary Themed Wedding for Book Lovers Collage

A Literary Themed Wedding for Book Lovers Vendors

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